Trendy wire shelves for different rooms of your home

Trendy wire shelves for different rooms of your home

What is the first thought that pops into your mind when you hear wire shelving? Steel, storage bland, boring?

Well, what if we say that they can be the opposite? If you master the art of wire shelving, then you can indeed use them to make your houses look chic, stylish and contemporary. Did you know that you could wire shelves for almost every room in your apartment?

Read this article to know what all rooms you can install wire shelving units.

  • Kitchen Shelves:

Are you tired of the boxy wooden cupboards in your kitchen, which not only take a lot of space but also are not practical, when you must search a utensil you have stuffed up at the back?

Install wire shelves in your kitchen to make your work easy. Now you can quickly grab a chinaware without having to shuffle the whole cupboard, and not just that, you can adjust the height of the shelves for your convenience.

For those who want to showcase their new culinary pieces, now you don’t need an excuse to keep the pieces on display.

  • Wire shelving for Drawing room:
    If you are looking to spice up your living room area, opt for wire shelves instead of regular drawers and compartments. For book lovers, you can choose squared shelving to keep the books, or you can also get a wire shelving unit of metal wire with wood in between.

The best thing about the wire shelves is they are compact, easy to move and suit perfectly the modern-day minimalist approach.

  • Bedroom Shelves:
    Wire shelving units are neutral yet chic and work perfectly with all kind of color themes and home dcor. So, don’t be surprised that you can get one for your bedroom too. What to keep in them? You have a lot of choices. You can keep a tv set, desktop, books, and girls can always use the rack to arrange all your makeup items.

You can also add some aromatic candles, mugs and show pieces on the shelves to set up the mood of your room.

  • Shelves for your office:

Do you feel that your office is cramped up and you can use some space?
How about installing wire shelves to store your files and make some space. The best part is that this will make your office look spacious as the wire shelves will be mounted on the wall and will hardly take up space. You can keep your books, laptop and even hang photographs here.

All you got to do is take a little effort to decorate the wire shelves, and you are good to go!