Top 3 cost-effective options for home alarm systems

Top 3 cost-effective options for home alarm systems

A home security system can be expensive. Most residents don’t feel the need to have an alarm system as they don’t feel any threat. However, it is important to learn that danger is uncertain. Having an alarm security system for your home ensures safety and prevents unfortunate events to take place.

Here are some of the reasons why you need a home alarm system to keep your home safe and sound.

Even if one feels unthreatened, having an alarm system will always keep the house safe from external harm that can be caused by a burglar and other criminals. Since most homes are under CCTV protection and have an alarm system installed, burglars or criminals steer clear of homes that appear to be under protection. However, if your home does not have an installed security system, and someone outside is aware of the same, it can invite trouble. Therefore, having some form of home security is essential for every resident.

A home is never fully protected from a fire hazard unless there is an alarm system installed. While most people think that an alarm system can only protect them from theft and burglaries, it can also prevent a house from catching fire by ringing an alarm at the right time.

Some alarm systems come with odor sensor that can sense harmful gases and raise an alarm to warn the family. Some gases are odorless, such as, carbon monoxide, and can cause hazards that can cause serious or fatal injuries. There are alarm systems that detect a leak or release of carbon monoxide and alarm the residents.

Families can live with peace of mind when they have an alarm system installed in their homes. It helps the family members to leave the house without any worry. Alarm systems often alarm the police and other help in the cases of forced entry into the house, which ensures that the family gets immediate help when required.

If you are still worried about the cost of a home alarm system, one of the most cost-effective ways of making your home secured is by getting alarm systems that you install on your own. There are several contract-free home security systems that help you save on installation cost. Here are three of the most affordable and best alarm systems for homes.

This company offers a variety of DIY kits of home security that are available between $150 (for a Starter Package) and $614 (for a Shield Package) approximately. There is a CubeOne hub that comes with the Starter Package. This hub has a 110-decibel siren, a motion sensor, a key fob, and a door/window sensor. iSmartAlarm systems are compatible with IFTTT that have an optional accessory that can be added to the core alarm system whenever needed.

Nest Secure
You can purchase an alarm system by Nest Secure for around $499. The starter pack comes with two tag key fobs, two detectors for the doors and windows, and one guard hub. It is easy to arm and disarm the system by entering a PIN code on the integrated keypad.

Ring Alarm
This is one of the most recent home security systems to hit the market. Hub, keypad, a contact sensor, and motion detector come with the starter kit of this company. The starter kit comes for around $199 and a small monthly fee for the professional monitoring service. Ring Alarm also provides alarm products such as Alarm Smoke, Freeze & Alarm Flood Sensor CO Listener, and Dome Siren. You can pre-order the Ring Alarm home security system from their official website.

There are several companies that make efficient home alarm systems. USA Alarm Systems, SimpliSafe, ADT, Link Interactive, Live Watch, Scout, and Protect America are some of the other popular companies that provide home security and alarm systems.