This is why you should buy wooden furniture

This is why you should buy wooden furniture

Wooden furniture catch the eyes of each and every individual. The trust on designing the architectural glory of the house depends on the type of furniture we choose. As the lovers of the antique and thousands year old charismatic appeal of wooden furniture, it gets difficult to not follow the latest shots of architectural designs of wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture can be put into two categories that is hardwood and softwood. So, all wooden furniture you see around you is either hardwood or softwood. This type of wood classification does not in real refer to hardness or softness of the wood. Instead, it refers to the type of tree source from which it is derived. So the classification is as follows-

Hardwood -This wooden furniture wood is derived from deciduous (broad-leaved) trees. The popular deciduous trees include Mahogany, Birch, Beech, Maple, Oak, Teak and Walnut.

Softwood-This wooden furniture is derived from coniferous (evergreen) trees. The popular coniferous trees include Spruce, Pine, Cedar, Fir and Redwood. Pine furniture are a popular choice of many.

To understand in lay man language, hardwoods have characteristic features of being used for attractive and decorative woodwork due to its lovely and attractive view. On the other hand, Softwoods have characteristic features of being used for furniture work in the form of planks, poles.

5 special qualities of wood which makes it appropriate to be used as a furniture material:

  • Wood is known for its strength-Wood is strong and stiff along with being light and flexible, thus can be used in designing of various kinds of furniture.
  • Wood is environment friendly-Wood is nothing but the bark of some trees like teak, oak, etc.
  • It  is a natural heat insulator-A high density of wood furniture in-house or using wood for construction protects us from severe cold conditions outside.
  • Using wooden furniture is safe and cost-effective-The wood material does not require any significant safety precautions as it is non- toxic in nature.Also, wood construction economics are reliable and cost-effective.This reliability is supported by the fact American wood supply indicate a stable and growing supply.
  • Wood can be designed in versatile designs and patterns-The bonus point of using wooden furniture is that it can be seasoned and cut in different ways to use the suitability of furniture design.

Wooden furniture never goes out of trend, and it looks evergreen even after ages. Wooden furniture help in giving your house a warm and elegant touch.  So, which type of wooden furniture you are planning to buy this fall?