Think indoor gardening when outdoor isn’t possible

Think indoor gardening when outdoor isn’t possible

Having a garden indoor or outdoor is a delightful thing. Plants make you happy and healthy. The surrounding becomes more pleasant and you have an amazing nurturing experience. Plants teach us a lot about love, care, patience and life.

If you love gardening and do not have an outdoor space, indoor gardening is the best alternative. And with the help of latest tools and technology, it is much easier to start your indoor gardening. You can also grow vegetables indoor, once you have proper knowledge of what and how to grow.

Some of the best vegetables you can grow indoor are:
Brussels sprouts

Some of the best plants you can grow indoor are:

For indoor gardening, lights are critically important. Some plants do not need direct sunlight while some die without sunlight. Indoor plants are not exposed to the sunlight or the right amount of sunlight, which impacts their growth immensely. A substitute is neccesary and hence we have lights that are meant for indoor plants. Different plant will require different type of lights. Though you will need to spend extra on the lights, they will add to the home decor.
The types of indoor lights are: Incandescent; Flourescent; High-intensity discharge (HID); Light-emitting Diode (LED).

A support cage is required to grow certain plants. Plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, winter and acorn squash, beans, blackberries and raspberries and grapes, need support to grow, which, if not given, will be deformed. There are many support cages that you can shop for online, or make yourself at home using referring to various online D.I.Y videos and articles.

Indoor gardening also adds up to your home decor. Home interior not just gets amplified, but plants also improve the air quality. Plants make the house look cozy and comfortable. Green house plants such as, chlorophytum, ivy, phildendrom, monstera and maranta plant produce a large amount of oxygen and control humidity levels. Small indoor plants also protect you from harmful substances from the kitchen by absorbing them.

Some of the plants that not just purify the air but also look beautiful in your home are weeping fig, money bonsai, cornstark dracerna, aloevera, bamboo palm, snake plant and peace lily. These plants also have scientific names to them. You also need to be careful while getting these plants at home as some of them have toxic leaves in eaten and hence its advisable to keep them away from pets.