Things you must know about blackout curtains

Things you must know about blackout curtains

Black is always perceived to be beautiful and so are blackout curtains. Primarily restricting sunlight from getting into the room, the curtains also keep the room cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and keep away sound and dust. Thus, unlike curtains which improve the aesthetics and are meant for home décor alone, blackout curtains offer you quite a few benefits as well.

The other variants

Ever since curtains were initiated for maintaining privacy without blocking the flow of air and sunlight, the market has seen many innovative ideas hovering around window and its curtains. Variants came in the transparent form of lace curtains, which was generally used by individuals residing on the first floor and above. Families on the ground floor didn’t prefer it due to privacy reasons.

Door curtains soon came into existence and were used as sliding door curtains. To keep the sliding panel look tidy, curtain valances were introduced. It is now a major component in decorating our indoors, be it corporate or residential.

The benefits of blackout curtains

  • These window curtains are known to restrict 24% sunlight coming into the room, thus preventing a huge variation in the room temperature irrespective of the atmospheric temperature.
  • As, to this day, one of the major components in ultimate comfort is air conditioning of our living place, which consumes the majority of electricity. To complement each of the necessary products in our house, a black curtain is an absolute necessity to conserve and circulate the conditioned air and keep us away from the polluting components. Thus, a simple investment of approximately $50 can be worth more than its actual price.
  • Blackout curtains made up of cotton fibers will supplement the needs. Curtains made from other things like vinyl or any other synthetic material without a network of natural fibers may actually harm us.

It’s always better to verify your needs before purchase so that you can be proud of your decision of investing in blackout curtains. Artworks in any forms add up to the decorative factor of the entire residence and attract attention too.