The best weed trimmers to beautify your garden

The best weed trimmers to beautify your garden

If you pride on having a green thumb and love gardening, then weeds are your worst nightmare. Weeds are not just detrimental for the plant’s growth, they make your yard look neglected. If you wouldn’t want your blanket flowers to wither away because of the weeds, then weed trimmers are your best friends.

Your dilemma doesn’t end here. There is a huge variety of weed trimmers to choose from. What if the one you just brought, instead of beautifying your lawn destroys it? Well, here are the best weed trimmers that would give you the results that you wish for.

The Husqvarna- This 17inch, 28 cc weed trimmer is the best equipment you can find for your garden. You needn’t fear about cutting yourself since it is quite user-friendly. Though the machine vibrates to some extent, you are safe since the vibrations won’t jerk the machine out of your hands. It is almost vibration-free to a certain point and can cut through the weeds with great ease. The semi-auto spool feeding is a feature that every owner finds useful.

GreenWorks- This light weight and affordable weed trimmer does its work efficiently. Do not let the light weight and low price fool you into thinking that it won’t be as effective as its counterparts. It is 18inches and 9.9lbs, equipped with a trigger handle designed to reduce the impact of the vibrations. Also, it has an additional control shaft on the handle that makes it easier for the user to maneuver it.

Black and Decker- This battery-powered weed trimmer is the best deal you can land up with if you are looking for something that is extremely powerful and worth every penny you can spend. It is cordless and thus, you are safe from problems caused by tangling of wires. Though it is battery-powered, it is light-weight and can make your garden weed-free in no time.

Hitachi- This 21.1cc machine is the perfect weed killer. It is a gas-powered weed trimmer that can weed out your entire lawn in no time. It has an anti-vibration system, is CARB compliant and to the delight of the owner is equipped with semi-auto spool feeding. If cost-efficient weed trimmer is what you are on the lookout for, then do not think twice before opting for this one.

Core- The environment-friendly wee d trimmer is the perfect choice for the ones who are concerned about the environment. It is gasless! The Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy (CORE) is responsible for its eco-friendly features.

So, the next time you go shopping for weed trimmers, you know what exactly to look for.