Steps to install a stainless steel dishwasher cover panel

Steps to install a stainless steel dishwasher cover panel

A popular style for appliances is stainless steel. For a smooth, stylish look, several individuals are going for the stainless steel appearance in the kitchens. If you have a refrigerator and stove of stainless steel, you do not require purchasing a pristine and pricey dishwasher such that it can complement the additional appliances that you have. As an alternative, you can procure a stainless steel dishwasher cover panel that fits right above the dishwasher that you already have. Purchasing this stainless steel dishwasher accessory will let you have the stainless appearance for just a small bit of the cost of buying a pricey dishwasher.

Here are the steps required for fitting a stainless steel dishwasher cover panel over a dishwasher that you presently have.

Step 1
Pour a minute drop of any gentle dishwashing soap over a moist cloth. Methodically swab the complete dishwasher for getting rid of any spills, stains, or grease.

Step 2
Measure the dishwasherheight-wise as well as width-wiseby using a measuring tape. A point to be noted is that you’re going to require 1/2 an inch of additional stainless steel panel on both sides of the dishwasher that you have. You should make use of scissors for cutting the dishwasher cover panel film to match the size of your present dishwasher along with an additional 1 inch.

Step 3
Next step is wiping the exterior of the present dishwasher and for this, you make use of a moist sponge. However, you must be certain that you do not make the dishwasher dry.

Step 4
Now, you get rid of the dishwasher cover panel film backing. Be careful when you press the dishwasher cover panel film straight onto the dishwasher’s front panel. Making use of your hand, make the film smooth by commencing at the center of the panel, and smoothing out right to the perimeters.

Step 5
Next, you proceed with the running of a squeegee starting from the center of the panel film till the outer perimeters for removing any air bubbles. What this does is present the dishwasher with an even look.

Step 6
In this step, you put a ruler on any side of your present dishwasher. Bring a straight edge razor into play for cutting the additional 1/2 inch of panel film starting from the perimeter of your dishwasher. Having completed one side, you must do the same thing on the reverse side of your dishwasher.

Step 7
Finally, you swab your stainless steel dishwasher by making use of more than a few paper towels.