Say goodbye to freezing woes with an upright freezer

Say goodbye to freezing woes with an upright freezer

Do you always run out of space to store your frozen goods in your regular refrigerator? Then it’s time you consider purchasing an upright freezer, the sleek and smart appliance to end all your storage woes. Freezers are extremely handy to store frozen veggies, ice creams, meat and prepared food and an upright freezer would let you stash all that you would need.

Finding the right size freezer
The freezer comes in varying sizes, and you can buy the one that suits your requirement. They could easily fit in your kitchen or office or even basements and garages. The smallest one, 1.1 cu ft upright freezer, is a compact model ideal for a small kitchen, but the 3.0 cu ft is a more standard size that would give ample storage space if you can accommodate it in your kitchen. For large families who would require bulk storage facilities, there are even up to 25 cu ft freezers available.

A freezer that could fit anywhere
Most of the upright freezer models come with reversible door option, which is really a godsend because you don’t have to worry about their placement. You can go ahead and buy the product as long as you have the space required for its dimensions. They also come equipped with shelves, which lets you organize your frozen foods efficiently.

Energy efficiency- An important consideration
When you check the options, check the specifications for the energy consumption, as a freezer, in general, would increase your electricity bill. Hence, it is advisable to buy a more energy-efficient model rather than bearing the static expense on the electricity bill month on month. A number of models are environment-friendly as well. The models will have to be energy star qualified for this feature and some of them may even maintain the temperature for several hours in case of a power outage. However, such models are more expensive, hence weigh your options based on your budget.

Auto manual defrost
The upright freezers come equipped with several convenience features such as auto-defrost, which would add to the cost. The auto-defrost option could be really convenient as the appliance adjusts and maintains the temperature automatically so that the food stored stays frozen and fresh, just as in a refrigerator. In the case of manual defrost, you would have to manually remove the ice that builds up over time by removing the stored foods and switching off the freezer so that the ice could melt away. Again, the cost will vary between the auto defrost and the manual models. If defrosting a freezer is not your cup of tea, then you must opt for the auto defrost version, else you may go for a manual version as the task need not be done too frequently.

The different models come with varied temperature ranges and generally, they will have adjustable temperature dial that allows you to choose the desired temperature. Depending on the food that you would be storing, set the temperature and let the freezer take care of your favorite food items.