Safety points to consider before a roof installation

Safety points to consider before a roof installation

Roof installations can be expensive if you hire a professional service. But they can be trickier when you plan to install roof panels on your own to save some extra dollars. Note that it is not a one-man job and you must use safety equipment to avoid an accident. Before tackling the task in hand, pay close attention to the following safety pointers.

Work area
The work area should be secured before you climb up the ladder lugging heavy equipment to install roof panels. Keep the area clean and organized to minimize the risk of accidents. Ensure that there is no one except for your crew in the immediate work area. Plan your roofing work only after taking into account all the minimum safety distance from any live powerlines, cesspools, and unsafe roof access areas.

Ladder safety
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the foremost authority in the country to issue local building and safety codes for the workmen. Ensure that the equipment you plan to use, especially the ladder design and construction, adheres to the code approved by the administration. Ladder placement is also crucial to ensure you put it upright on the firm ground and if possible, anchor it to the side of your home. A misstep can result in a mishap, which is why you must assess the safety of the ladder before you install roof panels.

Electrical safety
Electric arcs can leap over any conductor and still electrocute someone standing several feet away. You can use a nonconductive ladder that has been made using wood or fiberglass to ensure electricity doesn’t flow actively. If possible, call the local power company and have them shut down the grid in the immediate area you plan to work, if the power lines are too close.

Equipment safety
Hammers, power saws, nail guns, and every other piece of machinery is a potential hazard when you don’t exercise proper caution while using them. Always wear eye protection for a hammer or a nail gun to reduce the risk of any injury caused due to a misfire, forcing sharp objects to rebound off the roof. Also, be careful when you’re handling the materials used for installing roof panels as even a simple lifting job can cause back injuries if it is not done with proper caution.