Modern bathrooms are equal to relaxing rooms

Modern bathrooms are equal to relaxing rooms

There was a time when a bathroom of the house was severely neglected and considered just a functional private zone, but now it has turned into a relaxing room. Special attention is given to its layout, walls, tiles, color schemes, appliances, and accessories. Big or small, a modern bathroom is now designed keeping in mind that it truly reflects the status of the household as a whole.

Materials used in bathroom layouts
Natural stones, marbles, granite, glass, and mosaic are the top choices for bathrooms. These materials have greater aesthetic appeal, they are easy to maintain, and designers can conceptualize a wide array of ideas with these materials.

People can use different color schemes according to the theme they want to set in the bathroom. Right from soft hues to vibrant tones, bathrooms in the US are adapting enriching color themes.
Another important thing is lighting. People prefer natural light during day time; however, this is not possible always due to its position. In coastal areas, casement-style upper windows are quite popular. In other situations, frosted vinyl panes, high windows, and cellular shades are quite prevalent. As far as artificial lighting is concerned, people mostly prefer white shades, and use LED, CFL and incandescent bulbs. However, recessed lights, humidity and motion sensing vent, fan & light, flush mount lights, etc. are also pretty popular.

Common trends in bathroom designs
Tiles “ For medium-sized and smaller bathrooms, reflective tiles on the walls are trending for the last few years. Besides, ocean colors, bright red colors, and rainbow colors are quite popular. House owners also consider ceramic tiles for flooring. In case the family consists of kids or aged members, experts suggest using rough tiles that are not slippery. For accent walls, use of geometric-patterned tiles is also found.

Wood “ This is one of the most preferred materials in designing the floor, walls, and tops in a bathroom. Though its use is mostly restricted in a master bathroom, innovative ideas are also adopted for other types of bathrooms. The wood used in bathrooms is specially prepared with oil-based polyurethane coating.

Bathroom accessories “ Households must be selective in choosing bathroom accessories. The market is brimming with thematic accessories in every section. Modern accessories are manufactured keeping in focus the aesthetic aspects as also the utility of the products. Smart bathrooms with technologically-induced products like auto-sensing faucets, self-cleaning toilets, motion sensors for lights, digital temperature control for water outlets, waterproof TVs for bathroom entertainment, etc. are getting attention from the new generation house owners.

The layout or accessories used in a bathroom are planned thematically while keeping in focus space and those accessories. In the US, people on average designs two bathrooms in a house, one of which is mandatorily attached with the bedroom, while the other one is for common use. Depending on the budget and space, a separate bathroom for kids or guests is also planned.