Maintaining your fiberglass swimming pool the right way

Maintaining your fiberglass swimming pool the right way

More and more people today install fiberglass pools in their homes, as they are more durable than the conventional vinyl and concrete pools. However, these pools can only last long if you maintain them properly.

These maintenance tips that will help you take care of fiberglass pools.

Choose the right cleaning products

For cleaning fiberglass pools, you should pick cleaning products carefully. For example, you should avoid using harsh chemicals and should never use brushes that come with hard bristles.

Sun protection

The exposed gel coat of the fiberglass pools demands sun protection, as the sun can make it dull and cause damage. Applying heavy-duty automotive wax on the exposed area can help protect this gel coating.

Do the skimming and scrubbing every day

To keep your swimming pool in good condition, you need to do the skimming and scrubbing every day. Remove leaves and other debris from the surface and clean the bottom of the pool as often as you can. Also, keep an eye on the algae buildup on the sides of the pool. To prevent it, you need to do side scrubbing of the pool once every other week. If there are some stubborn spots in your swimming pool, allow a sock filled with chlorine to sit on it for some time. Chlorine eats away the ugly and stubborn algae spots.

Take care of the pool filter

Whether it is fiberglass pools or any other form of swimming pool, the filter plays an integral role in keeping the water clean. Therefore, make sure that you clean the pool filters at least once a week, as it helps to keep the swimming pool usable for a long time.

The maintenance procedure is more or less similar to that of other types of pools. But if done regularly, the maintenance of fiberglass glass is easy when compared to vinyl or concrete pools.