Lift chairs and its features

Lift chairs and its features

Lift chairs are essentially recliners which are machine powered and which enable the users to switch from the recline to sitting and other positions with a set of controls. More importantly, it has two up and forwards positions which propel the chair to lean up and push the user forward, helping him or her into a standing position, hence the name ‘lift chairs’. While it has been designed keeping older and disabled people in mind, it has a great deal of use for the younger populace too. While each chair has lots of optional features, listed below are the most popular ones:

Massage and heat: Some lift chairs allow the optional heat and massage. The options work differently across different models. Some even have an electric massage mode. While these could hike up the cost a little, it is an excellent luxury since it aids in blood circulation and relaxation.

Fabric and slip cover: Some lift chairs have leather as the upholstery as an upgrade, which is great for looks and durability. Similarly, lift chairs can also be fitted with clip covers to protect the upholstery. Options in slip covers also include head covers and armrest covers, as well as extra pillows and extra fabric to cover footrests and pillows as well. Removable covers allow for better protection and easier cleaning of your recliner lift chair.

Pockets and storage compartments: Some of the lift chairs also provide storage compartments in the armrest as well as convenient pockets for storing chargers, magazines, headphones, remotes, and other items of convenience.

Tray tables: Most of the lift chairs today come equipped with tray tables which don’t interfere with the lift mechanism. Some chairs even come equipped with small slide-out tables or flip-open arms with tray tables that are hidden away in the armrest when not in use and can be pulled out when need be. Some even feature larger-sized chair side tables for placing laptops, meals, etc.
Footrests and dual motors: Footrests in lift chairs today come with the options to be either manual or electric and come with a number of layers of padding for comfort. Some versions even feature dual motors which allow for the back and feet settings to be adjusted separately.

Seat support and padding: Some lift chairs come equipped with webbing or springs that may be used to support the seat.Some chairs also have extra padding and support according to what the users require  firm, medium or soft. The memory foam ones are very popular with people wishing to avoid pressure sores.