Keep your garden weed-free and clean with right garden tools

Keep your garden weed-free and clean with right garden tools

Gardening is an occupation for some and a hobby for others. A successful gardening project can be developed with the right tools. Are you looking for the right garden tools? Here are the top five gardening tools that help make gardening easy.

Shaped like a triangle and having a flat scoop-like base, spades are useful for digging, removing soil, and planting seeds. Without spades, there won’t be any gardening as they are a necessity. They are especially great for potted plants.

Digging Shovels
Spades are handy for planting seeds and smaller plants, however, digging shovels are helpful if you’re planting larger sized plants or rows of plants. Digging shovels can help dig up large rocks and cover more space compared to spades. For fine, detailed shoveling – use spades; for heavy, larger surface area gardening – use digging shovels.

Leaf rakes
With beautiful gardens comes efficient cleanup, and leaf rakes do just that. They help to smooth out the surface layers of dirt and soil. Besides this, you can use them to rake fallen leaves which are what they are primarily designed to do. Wide-faced rakes with long handles are the preferred choice amongst gardeners in terms of tools. Opt for steel over plastic if possible as they are much more durable.

Garden hoe
The garden hoe forms the backbone of good gardening. They are ideal for weeding, removing soil, dividing plant roots, shaping and edging plant beds, and much more. You can’t really do gardening with just spades and digging shovels. A garden hoe is a must-have among other garden tools.

Garden shears
These are used for cutting grass, and shaping shrubs. Garden shears help you sculpt your garden the way you want. Ideal for landscaping and gardening projects, garden shears cut underbrush trees and ornamental plants.

These five tools are must-haves for gardening projects. Be it making a plant bed or rows of seeds, or just cleaning up your garden, these tools help you get the job done. They are easy to maintain, can be used during all seasons.