Important factors to consider while buying an outdoor mini fridge

Important factors to consider while buying an outdoor mini fridge

An outdoor fridge can be a fantastic addition to your outdoor space if you love throwing frequent brunches or parties. If you are planning to buy an outdoor refrigerator for your patio or backyard, then you should know about the varying types that are available in the market. Most outdoor coolers are mini refrigerators that are either built-in or freestanding. The built-in outdoor refrigerator is designed to integrate seamlessly into a cabinet. The freestanding mini refrigerators are appliances that can be placed anywhere. The difference between the two is that the built-in refrigerator has its ventilation system in the front in contrast to the free-standing mini fridge. This helps the built-in refrigerator to be placed in a cabinet as it does not require a top side or rear unit. You can also opt to settle a free-standing refrigerator beneath a counter, but this might affect the functioning of the appliance.

Before buying a mini refrigerator, you should take particular factors into account such as the type of material, size or capacity, price, warranty or added features. As these mini refrigerators are placed outside and face harsh weather conditions, choosing the right kind of exterior material is essential. Consumers are mostly encouraged to opt for stainless steel outdoor refrigerators which have a higher resistance to corrosion. Some outdoor mini fridges are made up of plastic-wrapped steel, which makes them cheaper but also susceptible to rusting.

As these mini fridges are mostly required to fit in a compact space, there is a wide variety of models available that differ in height and sizes. You should choose the capacity of the fridge as per your storage requirements as well the space you have in your home. You can also install a glass door in order for it to serve as a wine cooler or a mini refreshment center. For a glass door outdoor fridge you could expect to shell out more money than you would spend on a standard outdoor refrigerator.

As the outdoor mini refrigerator is placed outside in changing the weather, one could simply underestimate the amount of energy that may be consumed by the product. So remember to check the energy ratings of the outdoor fridge before buying, so that you don’t have to spend unnecessarily on utility bills. The energy rating is often stated on the appliances if it’s not, ask the salesperson about its energy efficiency.

You can find outdoor refrigerators online as well as in home appliance stores.