HVAC Tips for the summer: General Maintenance

HVAC Tips for the summer: General Maintenance

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed to maintain a steady temperature and air quality control indoors. It is placed in an outdoor unit where a compressor converts refrigerant from gas to liquid and cools the atmosphere. HVAC systems usually go through deterioration because of constant usage.

Here are some tips on how to HVAC Services can maintain your local A/C system more energy efficiently:

Air filters
Air filters need to be replaced in every couple of months for maximum efficiency and great HVAC performance. Usually, homes with single or two occupants and vacation homes need to change them twice or once in a year. If you have a home with pets, call for an HVAC Services agent because the ideal time to change air filters is 60 days.

Ideal temperature
Temperatures above 72°F in summers can help save you money on energy costs. Setting the temperatures to ideal for every season can help maximize HVAC output as well. A registered HVAC services agent can offer a detailed insight into energy saving.

Humidity control
Humidity levels between 30 and 60 percent is an ideal level to prevent mold growth in homes and workplaces and reduce damage to HVAC systems. When humidity is high, A/C systems have to work harder to keep the home cool. Despite the hard work, the system may not be able to provide the desired result. If you are unable to handle the issue, it is prudent to call an HVAC services agent for repair.

Sealing and insulation
Sealing and insulation are essential to conserve temperature controlled air and energy. It also reduces utility costs, lowers humidity, and increases comfort. If you ever need to replace the air conditioner or heater, this will save additional money.

Sterilizing the coils through which the refrigerant passes can help control pathogen build-up due to constant circulation of external air.

Get hold of an HVAC services agent to replace HVAC systems that are more than ten years old. Older machines tend to consume more energy and jack up energy costs by up to 20%. New machines are energy efficient, emit less pollution and maintain better air quality.

Now that you know how your local ac repair services can optimize your HVAC system performance maintaining them between summers and winters should not be a problem!