How to organize your office desks for maximum convenience

How to organize your office desks for maximum convenience

A walk down the aisles of Staples or Target will bring you face to face with many products that are apt for your study or office desks. You will find folders, binders, mugs, hold-alls for stationery and many more such things.

The fact is that there is much know-how required even to use these products well for organizing your desktop. If you do not use them judiciously, then your office desks will be just as messy, with just a few more items on top. So take a look at this guide for better organization of office desks.

The first thing that creates clutter is paper. In order to bring the chaos under control, it would be best to take control of all the paper flying around. From forms to brochures and bits of paper with random information scribbled on top, there can be many such pieces that can confuse you when you set your mind on organizing the space. So, it would be best to arm your office desks with folders and binders as well as open trays that can hold more important and urgent mail. You can use the folders and binders as well as old shoe boxes to hold the bills and records of various types. Also, all your forms and brochures can come in separate boxes and files. Take stock of the remaining bits of paper and trash the ones that you do not need. This will clear up much of the space.

Notice board
You should install a cork board or any other brown board over your office desk as this can keep things organized. This is especially true for those small bits of paper that you will often find floating around on your desk. You can pin these up on the notice board so that you have the information ready when you are looking for the same. Also, you can put notes about urgent bills and other such matters on the board so that you do not miss any deadlines!

This is one of the most important things that we need. Pencils, pens, staplers, erasers, and sharpeners can make a mess on your office desk if the items are not kept properly. You can use a mug or multiple mugs depending on the kind of supplies that you have. You can also use mini drawer-style organizers for other items like staplers and more. Further, you can use bins for crayons and colored pens in case you are in a creative profession and such products on constantly required while you are at the desk.

Place your laptop or desktop right in the middle of the office desk and then organize all the other items around it. Remember to place the screen at least two feet from your seat so that you do not come down with Computer Vision Syndrome. Also, place the wires neatly behind the desk.