How to maintain your replacement windows

How to maintain your replacement windows

Replacement windows are just like any other lifestyle asset in your home. They require maintenance just like the tires of your car.

Here are some handy tips and guidelines on how to maintain replacement windows:

Clean the window surfaces
Using a clean and dry paintbrush to remove signs of dirt and dust from the window sills and tracks at least once every year. Remove cobwebs, dead bugs, and grime so that the replacement windows can slide in and out easily. Use cleaners ideal for your window type and refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual on this.

Maintain weather-stripping
A weather-stripping helps save on your utility bills by weatherizing your open storm replacement windows and preventing heat loss. Inspect your windows annually and consult a professional if it shows any signs of deterioration.

Inspect the hardware and accessories
Many replacement windows come with a host of features such as sash locks and cringe. These provide safety and security. Inspect these manually and get them replaced if any of the components are not working.

Replace the panes and repair window hardware.
Replacement Windows do come with warranties. When your window warranty expires, hire a professional to replace the weather-stripping, sashes, and window panes. Consider replacing the glass with dual-insulating options, which are more energy-efficient, resulting in lower heating bills. Insulating glass panes need to be replaced when the seal around the spacer frames show signs of deterioration. Hire a certified glazier to do this job.

General window maintenance tips.
If you’re facing constant condensation forming on your windows and other home hacks, you can try lowering the humidifier levels, using exhaust fans, and opening the venting louvers in various places in your home. Excessive condensation can cause peeling off the paint and wallpapers in your home. You can try these tricks to reduce or eliminate the same.

Maintaining your replacement windows will save time, money, energy, and expand their life cycle, leading to a cleaner, cooler, and more attractive looking home.