How to give your bathroom a posh look

How to give your bathroom a posh look

A bathroom is the place where you take a break from the world and soak yourself in guilt-free indulgence. It won’t be fair to equate revamping your grand master bathroom to burning a hole in your pocket; a few simple changes could do the trick. And even if you are constrained in terms of space, there are several bathroom design ideas which could turn it into a luxurious retreat.

The two mantras for any successful bathroom makeover ideas are functionality and convenience. Let us begin with the basics.

Choose your alette
The right color for your bathroom would depend on the look you want to create. Neutral palettes like white, beige, cream or grey are definitely elegant. They allow you the freedom to experiment with textures and patterns or add a pop of color by introducing paintings or framed pictures.

Neutrals may be the safest of bathroom colors, but they are not the only ones. You can choose an all-blue or an outrageous pink or even a multi-color m’lange. However, you will need to be careful while adding decor to create balance and harmony.

Store in style
Cabinets are necessary to stow away the zillion things you need in your bathroom. While they are convenient, in the sense that you don’t have to worry about keeping the interiors in order, they do not add to the style quotient of the bathroom.

Open shelves give you more options for dressing up your space with a colorful towel or all the assorted creams and lotions you have collected. Storage ladder and wicker or reed baskets can add the much-needed zing to your space. Wooden “O”shelves or crates can be mounted on the wall to create a glamorous storage.

Create a look
A bathroom makeover is all about planning. Create a theme or a visual image in your mind and stick to it. Avoid adding haphazard décor be a great piece, but it wouldn’t do much good if it looks out of place. Use console or framed mirrors to accentuate the wall.

Add concealed lights or simple lamps to create an ambiance. Direct or indirect sunlight can give a warm cozy feel to your interior. So if you don’t have a window, consider incorporating one. Think of blinds as dress your windows up. Colorful rugs are the right way to add some brightness. Stylish accessories and decor, which blends in the overall look, could be added judiciously to spruce up the design.

While style and design are all good, you cannot ignore functionality. If you are the lazy kind or do not have the time to maintain open shelves, you may be better-off sticking to good old cabinets.
Avoid cluttering the countertops with stuff you do not need. If you need extra storage, consider installing storage racks above the toilet seat or below the sink.

You may not get it right at first; experiment with bathroom design ideas to find out the one that works for you.