Things to consider when decorating your home with an inflatable snowman

Things to consider when decorating your home with an inflatable snowman

Christmas, the magical time, is a time which is spent enjoying with friends and family indoors and outdoors. While enjoying outdoors is important, decorating your outdoor space is as equally enjoyable! Be it a child or an adult or a grandparent, who doesn’t love a 12 foot inflatable snowman?

Building a snowman is more of a tradition than a decoration. Come winters, and you will see lawns and gardens adorned with all kinds of snowmen with carrots and buttons and twigs, even buckets in some cases.

What is an inflatable snowman?
An inflatable snowman is a figure under the broader category of inflatable decorations. Here are a few facts about inflatable decorations:

  • They are lightly colored.
  • Mostly made out of nylon and waterproof fabrics.
  • Bigger inflatables are inflated via a blower.

An inflatable snowman comes in various sizes. The most popular being, 8 foot inflatable snowman, 6 ft inflatable snowman, 4 ft inflatable snowman, and 20 ft inflatable snowman.

Things to keep in mind while decorating your home with an inflatable snowman
The following pointers should be kept in mind if you use an inflatable snowman 12 foot inflatable snowman or any other kind of inflatable snowman as Christmas decorations; however, these points work for all kinds of Christmas inflatables:

Keep away from fire: Fire is one such thing which destroys almost everything. Keep your inflatables as far away as possible from fire. The moment these inflatables come in contact with fire, they’ll burst. Along with that, these inflatables won’t be re-usable after that.

Attach the metal clips before inflating: Smaller inflatables, such as the ones which are four feet long, can be inflated and fastened easily. However, when you are inflating a bigger inflatable, fasten the metal clips to plastic legs which are provided along with the inflatable.

Secure tethers: When you are inflating an 8 ft inflatable snowman or an inflatable of bigger size, always secure the tethers for the inflatable. This is done to secure the inflatable to the ground and make sure that it does not fly away.

Always secure exit points and zippers: The exit points are also the part from where you inflate the inflatable. Remember to secure these after inflating the inflatable. If ignored all your inflatable will lose all the air you just blew in and fall to the ground, defeating the purpose of a decorative material.

Remove all plastics and packaging: Always remember to get everything out of the product box first. This will allow you to inflate the inflatable better, and the air you blow it will not make the inflatable burst.

Inflatables are a fun and easy way for decorations. Find your 12 foot inflatable snowman and begin your decorations.