Here’s what you need to know if you plan to grow flowers in your garden

Here’s what you need to know if you plan to grow flowers in your garden

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”
– Lady Bird Johnson

Flowers are beautiful and everybody loves then. Two major reasons for loving flowers are smell and beauty. They smell great and come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Each flower is unique in its own way and that’s what appeals to people the most.

Flowers are not just eye candy, they play an important role for the environment. For instance, bees make honey with the help of flowers. Humans use flowers for expressing emotions, decorations, and medicinal purposes as well.

If you are looking to grow flowers in your garden, you must know that flowers are also seasonal. With seasons, many things change including flowers. If you have a big event coming up, it will help if you familiarize yourself with the seasonal flowers that will be abundantly available during your event.

Knowing what flowers grow in which season will help you save a lot of money as flowers that are off season cost more than the ones that are in season.

Spring flowers
(late winter)
Season that follows winter and precedes summer. Flowers that grow in spring are Winter Aconite (also know as Eranthis); Witch Hazel; Crocus; Hellebore (commonly known as Christmas rose and Lenten rose); Camellia; Snowdrop; Chionodoxa; Pansy.
(early spring)
Daffodil; Iris Reticulata; Forsthia; Scilla; Pussy Willow.
Daffodil; Tulip; Muscari; Dogwood trees; Redbud trees; Mongolia tree; Trillium; Hyacinths; Primrose
(late spring)
Lily of the valley; Mangolia tree; Lilac; Spiraea; Peonies; Allium; Wood Anemone; Jack in the Pulpit.

Summer Flowers
Gloriosa Daisy; Coreopsis; Dahlia; Marigolds; Yarrow; Beardtongue; Pineapple Lily; Oxalis; Gloriosa Lily; Surprise Lily; Gaillardia; Peonies; Daffodils; Daylily; Zinnia; Plumeria; Bougainvillea; Lavender; Sunflower; Periwinkle; Shrub Roses; Aster; Hibiscus; Scarlet Sage; Shasta Daisy; Aster; Rose

Fall flowers
Crocus; Dahila; Nerine; Sternbergia; Cyclamen hederifolium; Gladiolus murielae; Begonia; Cyclamen coum; Snowdrop; Winter aconite; Heather; Heliposis; Iberis; Asters; Pansy; Sedum; Ornamental grasses.

Winter Flowers
Sweet Alyssum;Calendula; Honeywort; Sweet Pea; Winter-Flowering Perennials; Pansies and Violets; Pinks; Winter Jasmine; Winter Honeysuckle; Snowdrops; Hollies; Firethorn; Chokeberry.

Some of the perennial flowers that are easygoing and long-lived are listed below. Plant them in fall or spring when temperature is cold as it helps them get a healthy start. These flowers are: Peruvian lily; Sweet pea; Snow Princess; Aster; Catmint; Coneflower; Coreopsis; Euphorbia; Forget me not (Mysotis Sylvatica); Gaillardia; Gaura; Geum chiloense; Gloriosa daisy; Heuchera; Lavender; Salvia leucantha.