Different types of pest control methods

Different types of pest control methods

Pests are notorious for destroying crops, damaging household furniture. They are carriers of diseases can also cause epidemics.

Therefore, pest control is nowadays a very important, especially in tropical countries where the chances of damage are more.

There are three different kinds of pest control methods that can be used effectively to fight these treacherous rodents.

Chemical control:
In this technique, pest control companies use chemical pesticides to control the pests infestation in fields and on crops. This type of method is not at all advisable to use under commercial and residential areas as it can be dangerous to the health. One should identify the kind of pest that has affected the crop, before starting the chemical attack. Choosing the correct pesticide is the main factor to fight against pests.

Non-chemical control:
This is a non-toxic type of pest control method. The pest control companies use this method in gardens, households or any other residential or commercial area. The main advantage of this method is that it causes no harm to the human health as well as atmosphere. The non-toxic elements used in this method do not reduce the soil’s capability to provide nourishment to plants.

In the household, residential and commercial premises, you can use self-made organic sprays with water and essential oils. You can also grow plants like catnip and basil that prevent pests like cockroaches and mosquitoes from causing harm to plants.

These pest control techniques are effective in their own way and have given best results whenever used under professional guidance. Calling the pest control professionals is the best option as they are well experienced in dealing with these pest control methods. They have all efficient skills and updated technologies in all three chemical, non-chemical and organic pest control methods that cause no health issues.