Different types of garage doors you need to know

Different types of garage doors you need to know

The garage is an important part of any residential or commercial property. Apart from being used as a place for parking vehicles, it is also used to store a variety of other things.

Garage doors are the large doors covering the garage space that can be opened either manually or by a garage door opener. Depending on the construction, material, and quality, there are different types of garage doors available to choose from at different garage door prices. When buying a new garage door, the choice should be based on all the factors mentioned above.

Various types of garage doors
Today, the market is full of various types of garage doors of different types such as folding, single-panel, sliding, sectional, folding, and roll-up garage doors. Based on the material and construction, some of the most preferred garage doors are as follows:

  • Wooden garage doors
    Wooden garage doors are made with several wood plies or layers for best results as well to prevent warping. The choice of wood used in the construction of such doors varies from redwood, fir to cedar based on individual requirement.
  • Steel garage doors
    Made up of galvanized steel, steel garage doors are much in demand these days. You can choose from different varieties available in steel doors such as with or without insulation, painted or primed etc.
  • Vinyl garage doors
    With excellent quality, these garage doors are most suited for families with kids. Made up of steel frames filled with polyurethane insulation, these are hard to break or dent making them a preferred option. The additional advantage of vinyl garage doors is their durability and low maintenance requirement.
  • Aluminum frame garage doors
    This is another variety of garage doors made up of tough aluminum panels. Such doors are rust resistant and are available in excellent color and finishes.
  • Fiberglass garage doors
    Another popular variety of garage doors available in the market, such doors are made up of the double layer of fiberglass attached to a steel frame with insulation. The ends of these doors are made up of steel to improve toughness and prevent the chances of cracking.

Although a high-quality garage door goes a long way, in case of issues such as spring and cable problems or noises coming from garage doors due to non-functioning, it is essential to choose the best garage door repair services to help address these problems. It is advisable to look for professional service providers in and around your area with expertise in dealing with various kinds of garage door issues. Choose a professional team with prior experience in offering a garage door repair service at affordable rates.