Design your bathroom with some special attributes

Design your bathroom with some special attributes

These days, people pay special attention to the bathroom layout while building their houses. This part of a house brings a pure sense of relaxation and coziness, so it is considered as a priority to add luxury while designing a bathroom. Depending on the space availability and budget, a bathroom can be designed differently making it smart and modern in all aspects.

Most popular bathroom features
Here are the most obvious features that people wish to have in their bathrooms:

Tranquil environment “ At the end of a hectic day, members of the family love spending personal time in the bathroom. When the environment inside is calm and cool, they feel more energetic. To create a transient, bathrooms need to have shades of cool hues like sky blue, emerald green, pure white, etc. Emphasis is also given on the appliances so that they are compatible with the bathroom theme.

Ceramic works “ Ceramic flooring is getting trendier these days. Waterproof and light-shaded ceramic tiles are much-preferred flooring items amongst most modern house owners. In fact, several surveys have shown that ceramic works in the bathroom can enhance the market value of a house. These days, specially manufactured, no-slip ceramic tiles are available that are used to design absolutely safe bathrooms.

Use of patterned and geometric tiles “ In another concept, people are using multicolored patterned and geometric style tiles on the walls. It provides a vibrancy to the bathroom that is preferred by many house owners and families.

Natural materials “ Wood, timber, stones and pebbles are getting a place in the bathrooms. There is nothing new in the use of woods, as these are frequently used on bathroom floors. In the modern concept, wood is also used in the ceiling, accent walls, and fixtures. The other natural materials are used for designing vanity tops, accent walls, bathtubs, and sinks.

Other features “ Use of motion-activated faucets, exhaust fans, dual-flush toilet and walk-in shower facility are trending in the country. The primary motto of using ultra-modern gazettes and fixtures in the bathroom is to save water and make the overall environment delightful.

Bathroom appliances
Decorating a bathroom is never complete as long as adjustable and usable bathroom appliances are not used. For this reason, equal attention is given on the bathroom curtains, mats, mirrors, towels, paper holder, bathroom bins, and many other articles.

Trending luxury concepts for bathrooms
With wide-ranging innovative ideas, experts and interior designers attribute some apparently luxurious ideas in the modern bathrooms. Such concepts include an underfloor heating system, heated mirrors, thermostat shower, double showers, etc. Besides, glass or marble decoration for baths, sinks, vanity tops, and featured walls also provide a luxurious look to a bathroom.

In the US, some amazing features could be seen that are purely American in nature. Some of these features may be expensive or not suitable for the space available, but plenty of other ideas can be materialized to design a decent bathroom for the whole family.