Cracking DIY ideas to make elegant curtains

Cracking DIY ideas to make elegant curtains

Sometimes it can be very stressful to wait for the big retailer stores or your favorite home furnishing store to announce that they have elegant curtains for sale. Have you every wondered to make your own curtain which would not just be cost effective, but give you a great soul satisfying experience? Here are some ideas for your next weekend activity – to make those elegant curtains that you always wanted but at a dead cheap price!

Stencil them
Transform ordinary draperies into the exact look you want with stencils and spray paint them. Buy the fabric and cut them into appropriate sizes. Cut the stencil on a hard board or a mount board and place it on the fabric. Before starting to paint, get a proper visual on how you want the design to look like. After the design is fixed, spray paint the fabric. Once dry, take the stencil out and voila, your curtain is all ready to woo its guests.

Knotted chiffon curtains
This literally costs you nothing. All you need is a chiffon fabric, cut to equal lengths, scissors and a curtain road. Just tie a knot around the road and let the fabric flow to its glory. One can get highly creative with the colors – matching the same with the theme of the house/ room. If it is a room mostly occupied by women, you can add jewelry and other embellishments to the curtain around the knot or on the places where the curtain falls. If the room is occupied by men, try making the knot with leather belts, ties or with your favorite tattoo stickers.

Trimmed table cloth
Table cloth come in myriad designs and are far more cheaper than curtain material. Sometime all you need is a simple cotton fabric with a striking design and color which a table cloth might give you more than a curtain. Square or rectangular table cloths with tassels, ruffles, or scallops will look great for smaller windows or even kitchen windows

Bring the nature in
Bring a piece of twig and make that as your curtain rod. Why not? Add a sheer cloth to it (for its lightness and cutting the light) and place origami birds, perhaps the good old wise owl or any element from nature. Even pressed leaves could be a great element to your curtain.

Go garage shopping
Garage shopping can be extremely rewarding most of the times. Get yourself a fabric that has the vintage look and play with some water colors to give volume to the design. Besides with this process, you are also customizing it to suit your design needs.

So, instead of waiting for the elegant curtains to pop up in a sale, indulge in making one!