Cooktops for every budget and every need

Cooktops for every budget and every need

The principal function of a cooktop is to help you cook food, although additional features are added to enhance the convenience aspect. First of all, let us have a look at the various price ranges in which cooktops from different brands fall.

  • Below $1000 These are the cheapest cooktops available in the market which are quite popular. These are purchased by individuals who are not interested in the extra select features and just want a simple appliance for basic cooking.
  • Below $5000 Majority of brands offer cooktop appliances in this range, and it includes both affordable as well as premium models. These cooktops offer excellent value for money with a list of features such as stainless steel built, cast iron griddles, glass platforms, automatic control panels and others. So if you are looking for affordable cooktops with amazing features, peruse models in this range.
  • Below $10000 Professional cooktops equipped with high-end features are available in the market for anywhere between $5000 to $10000. The appliances in this range are usually made in larger sizes as opposed to the standard sizes for regular households. The number of burners also increases in professional cooktops to ensure multitasking.
  • Above $10000 Cooktops at this price are purchased by hotels and other superior cooking institutions. Brands tend to offer cooktop discounts and cooktop deals on these products to boost frequent sales.

Make sure that the cooktop that you purchase is convenient for everyday use and is capable of running for ten years at least. The following aspects will determine the affordability of a cooktop.

  • Power options The cheapest cooktops may contain an electric coil backed by a thermostat sensor. The ones powered by induction make use of magnetic fields and vibrations or interactions for heating. Gas cooktops are preferred options due to their ability to heat food in a uniform manner. Cooktop ranges may have an uncommon feature where the cooktop uses gasoline, and the oven may use electricity for cooking.
  • Styles Freestanding cooktops are a hit in the market since they can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. Drop and slide-in versions are also available although, they are not as affordable as the freestanding ones.
  • Exclusive features Some appliances have been engineered with premium specifications such as wireless connectivity and temperature controls.

Some of the affordable cooktops on the shelves of major retail stores include those from Kenmore, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, GE, Electrolux, Samsung, etc. Many outlets purchase closeout products from brands and sell them at their cooktop clearance sales at jaw-dropping prices. You can find many sellers online as well that offer the cheapest cooktops in the country with fantastic cooktop discounts. If you love cooking and coupons, then you will definitely not want to give these cooktop deals a miss.