Types of leaf blowers and uses

Types of leaf blowers and uses

Spring is the season of new beginnings; the time when the flowers bloom; birds chirp; and the nature smiles. It is the most pleasant time for your garden as well. The onset of the spring reminds you about cleaning the garden. Cleaning up the fallen leaves that cover up the walking space as well as the garden area becomes the prime agenda of your spring cleaning task. And that is when a fine-functioning leaf blower comes handy.

Leaf blowers make a great tool to clean up the dried leaves in the outdoor area. The equipment will make the task easier and faster. You can use it efficiently and effortlessly to clean leaves and dust in corners as well as the midways. Although the metal rake can be used to move away the thatches, it takes a lot of effort to clean the fallen leaves. Therefore, leaf blowers are very useful for effortless and efficient cleaning. Remember these tips when you buy the right leaf blowers for your garden. Read on.

Know the types
As you are aware of, there are different types of leaf blowers. The major classification divides it into gas blowers and electric blowers. It is furthermore classified into handheld models and backpack models.

  • Gas Blowers

It uses a gas powered engine. You do not have to be worried about the chord length and electric supply while you use gas powered blowers. If you have a bigger area to clean, then the best choice would be the gas blowers. As the power of the engine increases, the weight of the machine also goes up. There are 2-cycle engine and 4-cycle engine available. The price will vary accordingly. The drawback is gas powered engine causes noise which can be disturbing for the user as well as other people.

  • Electric Gas Blowers

The engine works with electricity and it should be supplied through a chord. Therefore, if you have a smaller area to clean up, the electric leaf blower makes a better choice. Battery-powered leaf blowers are also available in which you do not require the power chord. But the cleaning process will drain the battery faster and so you need to choose it wisely after considering the area you have. It is quiet when you compare with the gas-powered ones, so you don’t need to be worried about causing disturbance to neighbors.

Know the rules
The gas powered leaf flowers are noisy as when you use it in the garden. This can cause disturbance for your neighbors. The electric leaf blowers are less noisy compared with the gas-powered ones. Check the rules and regulations issued by your local authority regarding the use of leaf blowers. Some of the communities do not allow you to use gas powered leaf blowers. Before choosing the one for you, make sure it is allowed in your locality. Also, be assured about the noise level of the equipment.