Budget friendly bathroom makeover tips

Budget friendly bathroom makeover tips

Whether you are revamping your bath space or building it up from scratch, you could always use some clever bathroom design ideas to add comfort and style. The right accessories and decor can turn around the drabbest interiors.

Bathroom accessories, while being functional, can add an element of class to your bathroom. When shopping for accessories, it is good to plan ahead and proceed with caution. The markets are flooded with products, with multiple brands dishing out the same products, which add to the confusion. Here, we will discuss bathroom makeover ideas, which can transform your space on a limited budget.

Consider your budget: If you are not cautious, bathroom accessories can cost you the moon and some. Layout a proper budget for every item you need to purchase.

Prioritize: Before splurging on decor, spend wisely on the essential requirements. Getting good quality faucets, sinks, toilet seats, bathtubs and cabinets should be on the top of your list. Look for several options and deals before settling on an item.

Experiment with ideas: If you are buying a classic Victorian marble sink, it is not necessary to match it up with a classic gold and white faucet. Contemporary designs can work equally well with classic pieces.

  • If you plan to revamp the interiors frequently or add pieces at your convenience, neutral shades are the safer option.
  • Storage can often become a problem. To overcome this issue, it is always better to make room for extra storage. Open racks and built-in floor-to-ceiling shelves are some of the things you could consider. Stackable baskets and wall-mounted racks are the current rage with designers. Floating storage designs can save a lot of space in smaller bathrooms.
  • Shower curtains, while serving their purpose, can add a pop of color to the otherwise boring interior.
  • Greens are just what you need to transform your bath into a Mediterranean spa.
  • You could experiment with over the top accessories to give an edge to your decor. Over sized faucets and elaborate shower heads are some of the things which you can use to add zing to your space.
  • Classic pieces of furniture, framed mirrors and decorative lighting can add charm and elegance to your space.
  • Even if you have a small bathroom, you could think of a bath cubicle, if your budget permits. They add just the touch of class and can be very comfortable if you don’t have space for a large tub.
  • Bathtubs are now available in a variety of shapes; you do not have to limit yourself to the regular rectangular models. An elegant bathtub alone could lift up the overall look of your bathroom.
  • Look for functional accessories: When shopping for accessories, keep in mind your requirements. For example, while selecting faucets, you need to consider the plumbing. Similarly, toilet seats come in several designs and if you spend some time researching, you can easily accommodate your specific needs. If you or your partner have restricted mobility, you could consider installing a walk-in- bathtub in consultation with your therapist.