Bathroom walk-in shower ideas to amp up your space

Bathroom walk-in shower ideas to amp up your space

If you were to combine elegance and function, then walk-in showers are really the best thing one could possibly come up with. With the number of bathroom walk-in shower ideas you can scour for, now’s as good a time as any to see if you can add a walk in shower.

Of course, this beside the fact that you already have a walk-in bathtub. The walk-in element of the shower itself adds a chic look and ups the functionality. Of course, walk-in showers mean a lot of things, and you can’t simply say you want walk showers and call it a day. You can get creative, but to get you started, here are a few different ways you can add walk-in showers.

A glass-enclosed walk in
Are you looking for a spa feeling in the comfort of your personal bathroom? This is when you turn to the humble glass shower. It gives you the feeling of a spa and a beachside hotel, all in one. In the world of walk-in showers, the glass-enclosed option is a classic. The glass can be placed such that it reflects the lights coming in, making your bathroom appear brighter and larger. This kind of a walk in shower also maximizes space as compared to the other bathroom walk-in shower ideas we’ve covered below. Of course, you can take this design and add a personal element- such as a seating area and practical shelves that you can store your toiletries in.

Shower and sauna
When one wants a sauna in their bathroom, they would generally turn to walk-in bathtubs. They’re generally filled with warm water and essential oils are added. However, this kind of a walk in shower design allows you to put up a sauna as well. It takes the idea of a steam shower, to whole new levels. You simply add a steam generator and it elevates the whole shower experience, better than any walk tub shower you can have!

Smaller round shower
If you have a smaller bathroom, then it can be more difficult to fit in a walk-in bathtub. You might also not find it practical to fit a regular glass door shower; this is where you put in a smaller standing walk-in shower and make it round. This makes your bathroom functional, and also adds an element of luxury.

These are some of the bathroom walk-in shower ideas you can take inspiration from. Don’t forget to add a personal touch to your bathroom, and make it comfortable and aesthetic for yourself.