A guide to walk in bathtubs

A guide to walk in bathtubs

For senior citizens, getting into a bathtub can be a problem. Walk-in bathtub can solve this purpose conveniently. Also, those who have mobility issues can also use a walk-in bathtub with ease. It offers an innovative way of using tubs, and is gaining attention in the bath and home segment lately.

The best solution for the aged: A walk-in bath tub features a built-in seat that allows you take a bath in a sitting position. In a traditional tub, people with mobility issues and older people can’t find it comfortable while getting in and out of it. That’s where a walk-in tub comes in. A low threshold of around 3-7 inches means that you no longer have to worry about tipping over the high walls of a conventional bathtub. A door has a watertight seal which prevents leakage onto the bathroom floor.Grab bars, anti-slip floors and handheld shower heads are some of the additional features which guarantee ease of use.

How to use a walk-in tub: Firstly, the tub has a watertight door. So, a person can directly get inside as there’s no barrier. Now this offers a perfect solution for specially-abled citizens. But here’s the drawback: If a person gets stuck because of overflow of water, it can be troublesome to step out as the water cannot be drained out in seconds. The only thing that can work in this case is having an outward door. But again, it can only be done if you have a spacious bath area.

Special features: After a hectic time, a relaxing foot massage or just a soak can rejuvenate your senses. A walk-in bathtub has water jets that can help you do the same. Add a few drops of your favorite aroma oil and give yourself a great water spa-style massage.

Beware of accidents: One of the main issues with a walk-in bathtub is that you cannot prepare your bath beforehand like a conventional tub. Due to the door feature, you have to get in the bath first and seal the door before you open the faucets. It can be very uncomfortable to sit and wait while the tub fills. Apart from the cleaning up aspect, it may lead to accidents due to slipping. It is best to ensure beforehand that the tub is equipped with fast fill faucets which can fill the tub within minutes. Look for tubs with larger drains and pump assisted drainage systems, which can clear off the water in lesser time.

Quality matters: You should go for the best quality or brand within your budget. Walk-in Bathtubs made in the USA are most reliable. Opt for brands that provide a long-term warranty on the tub and its components. A lifetime warranty on door seals is a must have. It might take time, but the best thing to do is to do your research and choose the best pick that’s available. It’s better to avoid accidents because even a slight negligence can end up in a tragedy.