7 points to consider when designing an outdoor kitchen island

7 points to consider when designing an outdoor kitchen island

If you’re looking to get a kitchen island made, you would not need to worry to create a work triangle for your modular outdoor kitchen. A grill island would look after the grill to keep it away from combustible things. As the kitchen island would require¬†sufficient space, the whole area can be the center of attraction if properly designed with your modular outdoor kitchen.

When you are designing plans for a modular outdoor kitchen or a kitchen island, you must consider a few important points for the same.

Grills: If you’re going to estimate the surface area, you would then have to understand that the area is usually linked to the number of grills/burners in your outdoor kitchen area. For a larger outdoor kitchen or a professional entertainment scene, it would be important to ensure that you have sufficient area and burners to cook the food for many guests at a time.

Creating a list of appliances: Create a list of necessary appliances as well as storage ingredients such as a freezer, sink, side burners, warming drawers, as well as storage options for your outdoor kitchen island.

Finishing material: The finishing must endure the changing weather conditions. You will have a wide range such as stone veneer, brick, tile, or Stucco to choose from.

Countertop: For ensuring the longevity of the countertop, granite, tile, or stone can be selected.

Types: There are two types of kitchen islands for outdoor kitchen designs, namely prefab outdoor kitchen designs and customised kitchen designs.

  • The prefab outdoor kitchen is the most simple and most cost-effective design. For approximately $2500, you’ll get a 5-inch prefab grill design island along with all necessary appliances like side-burner, built-in grills, tile top, etc. You can hire some professional, or you can do it yourself as per the manual.
  • The custom-outdoor kitchen, however, is slightly expensive as in this case, you would have to hire some professionals to incorporate stone-surfaces as well as faux or actual stone including the capability of selecting the conveniences.
  • There’s a notion and that a prefab outdoor kitchen design is way cheaper than the custom kitchen islands; however, the overall expense is comparable. Besides, people who would prefer a prefab kitchen island, make sure it’s the accurate material of proper configurable dimension which is being purchased.

Orientation: Apart from the idea of prefab and customised kitchen islands, there’s another point which is equally important and that is the orientation of the layout. For partial socializing, you can keep one side totally separate for cooking and the other side for entertainment purposes. Ensure to install a shade so the chef or the guests wouldn’t have to cook under the scorching heat of the sun.

Smoke: This one is of importance which is harmful to your health. If the kitchen island has an overhead space, then one can consider installing a chimney to suck up the smoke.