5 types of moving companies to help you with your relocating needs

5 types of moving companies to help you with your relocating needs

Moving companies offer transportation services depending on the type of move you are about to undertake. Choosing to move to a new city and relocating to a new country are two very different scenarios; you have to check and choose the right type of moving companies for the same. Popular moving companies offer two distinct types of services—full move and partial move.

A full move will take care of everything right from packing, loading, and transport to the new destination. Additional services will also include unpacking, assembling, and reinstallation after relocation. You can also avail partial services for any of the aforementioned tasks. Full move or partial move services can be availed for local interstate, long-distance, and also for international transport.

Depending on the factors that determine the type of move, here are the common types of moving companies, packers, and movers.

Local packers and movers
Your local moving company will provide transportation within the boundaries of the state for not more than a hundred mile radius in any direction. State authorities of the Department of Transportation or other public utility commissions regulate the services of local moving companies. Local packers and movers generally charge on an hourly basis. The average cost can range anywhere between $30 and $40 per working hour.

Long distance moving companies
Moving companies that offer long distance services are usually interstate packers and movers. Interstate moving companies must mandatorily have a US Department of Transportation number to operate legally. The weight of the shipment will directly determine the cost of a long distance move.

International moving companies
Transportation services for moving from one country to another require special permits owing to the international regulations that govern the process. There is a lot of paperwork involved in international transportation services as the process is highly complex. The volume of shipment and the type of cargo carrier will directly influence the total cost of the move.

Commercial moving
Moving companies provide special transportation services for business relocations. The move will include everything that needs to be done to relocate every inch of your office space from the source to a new location. Commercial movers require adequate training, experience, and technology to efficiently relocate your business from point A to point B.

Residential moving
Planning to shift to a new city or state altogether? Hire professional residential moving companies to help you relocate everything you need. Unlike other moving services, residential packers and movers specialize specifically in residential relocation.