4 reasons to buy True refrigerators for commercial kitchens

4 reasons to buy True refrigerators for commercial kitchens

True commercial refrigerators are the most popular refrigerator models among commercial food service kitchens. The brand is renowned worldwide for manufacturing high performing commercial refrigerators. The brand incorporates unique features such as PVC bonded shelving and triple paned glass doors. True also manufactures commercial upright freezers and chest freezers with an impressive storage capacity. These freezers are also used in commercial kitchens which serve a large number of people. If you are in charge of a commercial kitchen, this article will give you an insight into why you should consider buying a True commercial refrigerator.

Durable evaporator
For commercial usage, the durability of the refrigerator and its components are the primary factors that you should consider. True commercial refrigerators are known for the longevity of their evaporator fan motors. These components last around 15 to 20 years, which is way better than their counterparts of other brands, which typically last around 3 years. The evaporators ensure lower energy costs and maintain the perfect temperature.

Condensing units
The brand is widely appreciated for its balanced and oversized condensing mechanism. True designs each refrigeration system specifically for the freezer or the refrigerator it will be put in. The large condenser fan can move much more air at a much lower velocity as compared to the smaller fans used by other brands. The oversized compressors ensure that the refrigeration system runs less to attain safe temperatures, which makes the fridge energy and cost efficient.

Energy efficiency
True commercial refrigerators are known to exceed the expected energy standards. They entail lower electricity bills, greater food safety, more longevity, and less maintenance and service costs. True also manufactures energy-efficient sub-zero refrigerators. Check out their sub-zero refrigerator prices on the company’s website and online shopping sites. The brand has more energy-star products than any other commercial refrigerator brands around.

3-year warranty
The brand is indeed very confident in its refrigerator quality. Hence, it provides a three-year warranty, which covers components as well as labor costs for manufacturing defects in the product. True provides an additional 2-year parts coverage, which means that the essential parts of the fridge are covered for a good five years. If the fridge malfunctions, servicing and replacement work is easy and quick. The brand also has an extensive inventory comprising of all the parts, which can be shipped to you as per your needs and convenience.