4 affordable moving companies to choose from

4 affordable moving companies to choose from

No matter where you live in the country, if you are thinking of moving places, it is most likely that you will need packers and movers. Hiring a packers and movers service will prove to be of great help as they will help in making your job a lot easier and you would not have to be concerned about packing up the heavy appliances that you own. Labeling all your things and bringing them to you completely safe is one of the main benefits of hiring a packers and movers service. If you are looking for affordable options from moving companies, the following are some of the most popular ones in this category.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage
This is not a full-service moving company, but it has the best deals on packers and movers in the country. It is a moving brokerage company and advocates hiring cheap movers and packers as well as interacting with them. They will provide you with over-the-phone estimates of the moving rates, all transparent prices, a variety of packing material, and outstanding customer service.

Allied Van Lines
This company is one of the most popular moving companies worldwide and has one of the largest networks. It starts off by partnering with local moving companies to give you attractive pricing deals and ends with an impeccable customer service. An overall review for the company includes in-home estimate experience, a vast range of services, and good customer service.

North American Van Lines
This moving company excels in offering the most affordable rates for long distance moving. It has been in the business for over eight decades and offers services with a great combination of skills and experience making it one of the top moving company options. They have a good customer service; however, they might lag behind in providing you with in-home estimates.

Bekins Van Lines
Bekins is a company that has one of the richest histories in the moving business. It was started back in 1891 by two brothers and was the first company to focus its business module only on moving household goods. Even after being one of the largest moving companies in the country, they have some of the most attractive deals on short distance as well as long distance moving.