Regain control of the bladder with these bladder control supplements

Regain control of the bladder with these bladder control supplements

Urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing, and depressing condition. Most people suffering from the ailment are hesitant to speak about it. The secrecy and shame can lead to ignorance of the condition, resulting in complications. With advancement in technology and through incredible breakthroughs in medical science, there are many solutions for patients suffering from lack of bladder control.

From drugs to devices, there are a large number of bladder control products that have solved these problems worldwide. Regular exercise and changes in lifestyle also help in the reduction of bladder control issues.

What are the different bladder control products and solutions available in the market?
Some of the supplementary options that can be considered are provided below:

  • Shedding excess weight:
    Excessive belly fat can induce pressure on the bladder resulting in bladder problems. Burning up of excess fat can play a role in battling urinary incontinence.

Urinating at regular intervals:
Try making a habit of using the bathroom after every four hours. Restraint yourself if you feel like urinating before marking four hours. Increase the time gap gradually and patiently.

  • Kegel Exercises:
    Kegel exercises improve your ability to control the muscles which contract or expand to control the urine flow. Learn these exercises from a qualified physician and within 6-12 weeks of practice, you can gain control over the muscles.
  • Magnesium-rich diet:
    Magnesium is believed to relieve incontinence by reducing bladder muscle spasms and allowing the bladder to empty completely. It is an important mineral for proper muscle and nerve functions, thereby easing incontinence worries.
  • Using Pessary:
    Using a Pessary which is a ring-like a device inserted into the vagina for lifting and supporting the bladder. Releasing the tension from the muscles helps in solving the problem of incontinence.
  • Acupuncture: This traditional Chinese method, in which needles are inserted into pressure points in your body, is believed to relieve you from excess stress by hitting the exact energy points. As the bladder muscles are relieved, the problem is solved.
  • Use of Bladder control products:
    These devices prevent the cases of emergency flow by seizing the pathway of the leakage.

Thus, combating bladder issues is no longer strenuous since a wide range of bladder control products are abundantly available. Supported by such useful products, women can lead healthy, stress-free and active lives without worrying about bladder problems.