8 diseases that may cause frequent headaches

8 diseases that may cause frequent headaches

The chances are high for migraines to occur more frequently in adults. Common migraine headaches causes depend on several factors some of which have been listed below.

Epilepsy: Epilepsy can be recognized as a group of neurological disorders which are characterized by epileptic seizures. The Epileptic seizures are series of episodes that vary from brief and undetectable to long durations of high intense shaking. Such incidents can result in migraines, physical injuries including broken bones. Seizures tend to recur periodically and may have no immediate cause. Some isolated seizures which are provoked by specific causes like poisoning are not deemed to represent epilepsy.

Familial dyslipoproteinemias (the abnormal cholesterol levels): The elevated triglyceride levels (greater than 5 mmol/l) are mostly due to the increase in the presence of very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL), which is a class of lipoprotein one among the cause of atherosclerosis. Familial combined hyperlipidemia (FCH) is a familial occurrence of such disorders, which may be the result of a decrease in LDL receptor and increase in ApoB.

Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: This is an uncommon autosomal dominant genetic disorder which may lead to abnormal blood vessel formations seen on the skin, mucous membranes, and maybe in organs like liver, lungs and brain.

Tourette syndrome: This syndrome is a condition which may cause uncontrolled sudden, repetitive muscle contractions and sounds, most commonly known as tics. Tics may cause severe headaches and tend to they may change in distribution, severity, and character over the durations that are usually between weeks to years.

Hereditary essential tremor: Essential tremor (ET, which is also referred to as the benign tremor, idiopathic tremor, or familial tremor) is one of the most common movement disorder that causes migraines. Its cause is not really known. Typically, it involves a tremor of the hands, arms or fingers often it involves the vocal cords, head or other parts of the body voluntary movements. Essential tremor is most commonly described as a kind of action tremor.

Hereditary cerebral amyloid angiopathy: This is a condition that may cause a progressive loss of the intellectual function (dementia) and some other neurological problems mostly reported as starting in mid-adulthood ages.

Ischemic stroke: Migraine with aura can be a risk factor.

Depression and anxiety: These are other common migraine headaches causes may also lead to frequent discomfort.