Knowing which foods to have and avoid after dentures

Knowing which foods to have and avoid after dentures

Affordable dentures might be easy in your pocket and look as good as your original teeth, but unfortunately, they are not always so. You cannot expect them to function as good as your teeth and hence you have to go an extra mile to take care of them. While you have these dentures on you, you need to take some precautions, and you have to take care of the food you are consuming. You cannot eat anything and everything because when you do so, you are doing injustice to your dentures. After all, these are foreign particles and needs time to adjust to your body so a little bit of care can work wonders with your new set of teeth.

Here’s a list of food you can consume while you have got dentures:

  • Breakfast options: You can have scrambled eggs, bagels, smoothies or grits for breakfast. All of these are soft and quite tasty options for breakfast. Make sure you use nutritional ingredients while making them, for example, use yogurt, fruits, and veggies while preparing your smoothies.
  • Lunch options: You can have ground beef or pulled pork or non-sticky spreads peanut butter or pasta with meat balls for lunch. Beef and pork are soft meats that are easy on your affordable dentures and are nutritional as well.
  • Snack options: You can have blueberries, boiled veggies, popcorn, olive salad or muffins for snacks. These are all quite filling and nutritional.
  • Dinner options: You can have seafood or steak for dinner. These are all non-sticky meat options with high protein value.

Foods that you have to avoid

  • Any food that is too hard may cause your affordable dentures trouble because you will face difficulty chewing it.
  • Food that is too sticky may stick to your dentures, and you will face problem cleaning it.
  • Stop having caffeine and colas when you have dentures because these foods are not good for your teeth.
  • Don’t have too many sweets as desserts are known to cause trouble to your teeth.

Have a stress free munching habit with your dentures to keep them clean and healthy. With this eating routine, you can also ensure a long life for your affordable dentures.