A brief overview of the top 5 portable oxygen concentrators

A brief overview of the top 5 portable oxygen concentrators

This medical device helps people who need greater concentrations of oxygen than that in the normal air level, to meet the oxygen requirement in their blood. It is the portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) that make the whole process of receiving the adequate amount of supplementary oxygen an easy process while on the go. Details about the best five portable concentrators are provided below.

Respironics SimplyGo Mini
Philips’ Respironics Mini is known for its extra-long battery life of up to nine hours. Be it the ease of portability or the modern and stylish look; this POC seamlessly blends with one’s personality. Weighing only around five pounds, it is one of the best concentrators suitable for everyday routine.

Inogen One G4
Equipped with some options to easily meet one’s concentrated oxygen needs, Inogen One G4 offers amazing battery backup of five hours and on-the-go charging facility. Considered as the smallest portable oxygen concentrator available, it is not only easy to use but also extremely lightweight.

LifeChoice Activox Pro 4L
Weighing less than five pounds, the LifeChoice Activox Pro 4L features a unique technology called Pulse Wave oxygen delivery and an effective Auto Mode. Presenting the lightest and latest design in the form of this portable concentrator, Inova Labs has created a convenient oxygen concentrator model that takes up very less space and is easy to carry.

AirSep Focus
Requiring minimum maintenance, this 2-pound portable oxygen concentrator is ideal for active lifestyle. One can carry this less-than-11-inch device in a backpack or wear it over the shoulders with ease. Offering seven hours of battery backup, it uses the unique, sensitive pulse delivery technology.

AirSep Freestyle
Just as the name suggests, this lightweight and small size POC lets one carry it freely. It has a battery run time of 3.5 hours and supports external batteries too, apart from charging. The oxygen flow setting that it offers is 1-3 LPM.

Every year, the portable oxygen concentrators come in a more improved and modified look than before. So keep an eye on the upcoming models as well.