5 best medical record mobile apps

5 best medical record mobile apps

5 best medical record mobile apps

Medical records have moved into the virtual world as people are increasingly using the mobile applications to access and store information. But, did you know that there are many mobile applications available on the market, according to the requirements and specifications of the doctor? Well, here are the top five names you should know.

Android and iOS users can find this application in play store and app store respectively. Doctors can use the app to search the drug information and its interactions. It also helps in maintaining the consultation and referral history. One can access a plethora of information from the internet using this app, while lab guides and alternative medications are available at a nominal price.

It is an important decision support system for the emergency doctors. However, the same can also be used for nurses, students, and residents. Physicians can earn continuing medical education credits during the treatment of the patients. One has to log on to the application to enter information that is loaded directly into the secured cloud. Based on the patient symptoms, it is possible to analyze the type of disease affecting the patients. Also, the filter checker alerts about the possible multiple drug interactions. The application also provides an array of information related to the disease.

Up to date
The application works seamlessly with the IOS and Android device. It is inundated with sufficient clinical knowledge to help the physician in understanding the disease. Clinical staff can access the medical records of the patients directly on the smart phone. Numerous allergies and diagnosis data can be retrieved from the information store.

All scripts remote+
It is an important software that helps on-the-move doctors to make informed decisions faster, as emergency patients who call for consultations require medications, without any waste of time. Doctors can instantly use the app to find the best treatment possible. It is the best option as it can help to save precious lives of the patients.

Epic haiku
Epic Haiku provides lists of information containing health summaries and clinical schedules for the patients. In addition, it comprises test results and the ongoing medications of the patients.

With these apps, you can deal with medical records and cases in a better way.