Things You Should Know about Hearing Aids

Things You Should Know about Hearing Aids

As per the reports of World Health Organization, 360 million people are affected by hearing disability. The risk factors of the hearing loss vary from countries and countries and there has been a gradual increase in this scenario. However, generally, chronic exposure to blast or cacophony and aging are seen as prime risk factors for this health condition.

How do you know you have a hearing defect?
The symptoms of hearing loss differ from person to person and few of the common symptoms are mention here.

  • Trouble in hearing continuously
  • Muffling of speech
  • Challenges in hearing spoken words
  • Unable to hear things without turning the volume up at an unusual level
  • Lack of communicating with people due to hearing of unclear sounds
  • Isolation from society

What do you need to treat the condition?
The first and foremost thing that you should do is to consult with the doctor to know what measures you are capable of undertaking to get rid of hearing the issue. If the condition is too severe, the doctor can advise you to get Specsavers hearing aids.

  • The electronic hearing device has the capability of letting you hear things in quiet and loud places.¬†Specsavers hearing aids have the features to help a person with clear sound.
  • Speaker, amplifier, and microphone are three fundamental components of the Specsavers hearing aids. Through receiving the sound waves from the microphone and then converting the sound waves through the amplifier. The amplifier can increase the capability of signals and send to the ear through the speaker.

Features of the hearing device
The features of hearing devices from Sivantos and Advance are sure to help any person with severe hearing issues. Moreover, the cutting-edge technology used in the devices help the individuals to come out of isolation and develop social skills efficiently.

Reducing wind noise
The sound waves of the wind can create certain hearing problems for the people undergoing hearing defects. People fail to grasp the words of the others in the wind as the irritating sound of wind can overpower the functions of conventional microphones.

  • Averting this problem, the hearing machine recognizes the windy condition and adapts itself in that condition for providing the user with a maximum level of hearing functionality.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts with a hearing problem can indulge themselves in the leisure activities like golf while using the advanced hearing aids.

Directional Microphone
The hearing machines from Phonak Belong and Signia Primax generally come with the feature of directional microphone. This feature offers two microphones to the user – one which can focus backward and the other one can focus on forward.

  • The omnidirectional microphone can recognize the sound waves from every direction and make use of the amplifier of every sound wave. However, the directional microphones help you target the hearing as per your needs.
  • The sound amplification from the back is reduced through the directional microphones and the focus is shifted to the front sound objects more.
  • Automated directional microphones choose the mode of function depending on the listening environment.
  • In quiet places, the automatic directional microphones can operate the adaptive directional feature and directional feature simultaneously.

Feedback Reduction
The emission of whistling sound is categorized as feedback cancellation. Whistling can occur due to the ill-fitting with a sound that can escape through a vacant slot. Due to this problem, the user needs to adjust the device continuously so that it fits tightly. Moreover, another thing that causes this problem is wax.

  • The feature of feedback cancellation is regulated by an electronic system.
  • Feedback frequencies are the main concern of the feedback cancellation option.
  • The feature reverses the feedback signal and mixes the frequencies with the actual one.
  • The adaptive feedback cancellation feature offers help to the users with adapting the speed of the function. In this way, the performance of the operation in various environments is enhanced.
  • People can hear the phone call clearly or can listen to the alarm beeps and music with the aid of adaptive feedback cancellation hearing aids.

Apart from these features, the Specsavers hearing aids offer frequency bands, transient noise reduction along with speech enhancement.