Best luxury brands to buy baby shampoo and body wash from

Best luxury brands to buy baby shampoo and body wash from

Are you a mother of a newborn baby and concerned about which baby shampoo & body wash will be best for your baby? Various brands in the market cater to the needs of newborn babies. However, not every brand would focus on producing quality products. Since these are baby products you are looking for, and the fact that babies are delicate and not everything would suit them, you need to choose an authentic brand. Well, fret not! Below is a list of some of the best baby shampoo & body wash products for your newborn baby.

Mamaearth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo:
This shampoo contains natural ingredients, such as coconut-based cleansers and lavender oil. It is entirely free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum and artificial scents. It makes thick and soft foam that won’t go into your baby eyes. This is the best baby shampoo which contains all natural ingredients, and, thus no side effects.

Aveeno Babywash and Shampoo:
As the name suggests, it is a product that serves the purpose of both baby shampoo & body wash. One of its active ingredients is natural oat extract that quickly cleans and moisturizes the baby’s body. Also, this natural oat extract makes foam quickly and does not irritate the eyes of the baby.

Johnson’s Baby Naturals Shampoo:
This shampoo will foam quickly on your baby’s hair and will rinse with a single wash. It makes the hair smooth and silky and does not irritate the eyes. Also, it is a proven brand and has gained an excellent reputation in the market for not causing any allergies. Thus, it is considered to be the safest product for your kid. It has a light and pleasant smell that your kids will love. Also, the ingredient of this product is far from harmful.

Dr. Bronner’s:
It contains all organic ingredients and is extremely mild and gentle on sensitive skin. The product comes in both scented and unscented 100% recycled material. People usually opt for the unscented ones, but the scented ones are harmless as well. Also, it is heavily concentrated, so it is recommended to mix it with water before applying.

Babo Botanicals Bubble Bath:
As the name says, it produces bubbles on the application, so if your kids love playing with bubbles go for this natural product. It has a sweet scent, without any synthetic fragrances. With natural ingredients, this product is clinically examined and shown to be tear-free and non-irritating.

California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Body Wash:
This sensitive baby shampoo & body wash is perfect for your baby’s delicate and easily irritated skin. The shampoo is gentle, tear-free and natural. It gives a soft and shiny look to your baby’s hair. Its active ingredient is an extract of the Calendula flower, which is known to soothe the skin. Moreover, it comes with a pump, which makes it, easy and efficient to use.

Most parents have a misconception that buying a baby shampoo & body wash involves simply going to the store and buying one. No, it’s not that easy as you think, since you need to do your research and know your baby’s skin type and condition. Not all shampoos are the same, and each of them is made and suited for a different kind of skin. Also, it is essential to read the ingredients of the shampoo before buying one. It should be natural and free from any harmful chemicals. Your baby may love bubbles but at the same time hate the irritation it causes and may also love the fragrance or maybe not. So, you have to keep all these factors in mind.