All You Need to Know about Portable Oxygen Concentrators

All You Need to Know about Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Are you looking for reasonably priced and easy to carry oxygen therapy? If your answer is yes, then it is highly recommended that you buy a portable oxygen concentrator. Keep reading to learn more about these great and essential products.

The advent of portable oxygen concentrators

A transportable or portable oxygen concentrator is a device which can be carried or moved at ease, meant to arrange oxygen for people in need of respiratory assistance. This means it is required by a person requiring higher oxygen concentration levels than that available in the surrounding atmosphere.

It is like a domestic oxygen concentrator, but is lesser in capacity and can be transported easier. The concentrator helps the patients to travel without difficulty and at will. The portable oxygen concentrator was manufactured at the beginning of the 21st century. Reliability has been greatly improved, and portable oxygen concentrators now have the capacity to generate between one thousand to nine thousand cubic centimeters per minute of oxygen. Portable oxygen concentrators need the power to supply high concentrations of oxygen. Low voltage utility power, low-voltage automobile electrical current, or all battery mounted inside can feed the power required.

Differences between portable oxygen concentrators and domestic oxygen concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrators, abbreviated as POCs, and domestic oxygen concentrators are very much alike except for the fact that a POC is a handy, lightweight and easily transportable equipment while the latter is not. The two types of equipment also greatly differ in size.

The portable oxygen concentrator enables patients to travel without difficulty and at will. The size is small and its weight is light enough to be accommodated in vehicles as well as to sit on one’s laps in airplanes.

An insight into mobile oxygen concentrators

All those who are suffering from oxygen deficit must always carry a transportable oxygen concentrator with them wherever they go. Portable oxygen concentrators differ from each other in battery life, size, weight as well as oxygen flow settings depending upon different individual’s oxygen requirements. However, the cost varies greatly from one retail store to another. These come in a variety of colors.

Enjoy the freedom

This concentrator enables such patients to move around with ease even on airplanes for the reason that it is approved by the authority. This device also gives them the freedom to participate in different activities of everyday living.

4 advantages of using portable oxygen concentrators

– There is a high chance of survival if patients use portable oxygen concentrators day and night every week as a medical treatment
– Portable oxygen concentrators enable people to use supplemental oxygen
– Helps to improve endurance while exercising, by facilitating the person to prolong his exercise.
– Assists to sustain both prolonged physical and mental effort by carrying through the usual routine daily activities.

Enjoy the full liberty to travel with less weight and without burdening oneself with oxygen tanks.

Commercial uses of transportable oxygen concentrators

The transportable oxygen concentrators are useful in

– Airports
– Beauty parlors
– Fitness centers
– Glass industry

The bulk of the latest portable oxygen concentrator systems provide oxygen on an on-demand delivery. The system delivers a high concentration of oxygen and is used with a nasal cannula to deliver the oxygen to the patient. The nasal cannula (NC) is a device designed to supply more oxygen or augment airflow to aid a person to inhale.

This device consists of a weightless tube which at one end divides into two prongs which are inserted in the nostrils. The other end of the tube is connected to the portable oxygen concentrator. A mixture of air and oxygen flows through the tube. Conventional, continuous-flow, and transportable oxygen systems, as well as inspiratory-demand of different capacities, are available in the market.

Portable oxygen concentrators are recommended for use during nighttime. These are used for patients when there is a drop in the level of expected inspiration and strength of oxygen. Go out and buy one today and breathe easy always.