A brief insight into the cost of the COPD inhalers and how to reduce this cost

A brief insight into the cost of the COPD inhalers and how to reduce this cost

Tips to reduce the cost of COPD inhalers effectively

With no complete cure possible, living with COPD can be tough. Choosing the right treatment for you will immensely help you in managing the condition well. COPD inhalers are one such option which can be relied upon regardless of the place and time. Apart from being a physically draining disease, COPD often ends up draining the person financially as well. But do not worry as there are ways to handle it effectively. Here is an insight into COPD inhalers and managing the cost involved and more.

Cost of the COPD inhalers
A decade ago, the price of a COPD inhaler was around $5 to $10. However, the price of the inhalers for COPD have surged exponentially in the past few years. After the Montreal Protocol was signed, the lowest average price for the inhalers has gone to as high as $50. After the protocol came into effect, the inhalers have indeed become environment-friendly but are no longer pocket-friendly. To get a better idea about the price of the inhalers in the present market, let’s take a look at some of the popular brands of COPD inhalers and the price tag on the device:

An Albuterol inhaler costs around $50 and to have a Bero Elipta, one has to pay around $300. For those who have to use inhalers on a daily basis, the cost of using an Advair can go as high up as to an average of $286/month and the same for Spiriva. Combivent which is known to be an instantly working emergency inhaler comes at a price of $243.

Smart ways to keep the cost within check
To use these top brand COPD inhalers in the most pocket-friendly way, you can definitely depend upon your medical insurance plan. For a healthcare insurance that covers the cost of the inhalers to some extent, one can get the Betro Elipta inhaler for only around $100, the Advair 50/250 and the 50/500 for around $50 and $100 respectively, and the Albuterol inhaler for $40 only. Apart from medical insurance here are a few other possible ways of buying inhalers for cheap:

  • Discounts: Those who don’t have an insurance can always look online for discounts on their preferred inhaler brands.
  • Asking for free samples: You can also ask your doctor for free samples, as many medical professionals have them and they won’t mind giving it to their patients so that they can try first and then purchase a suitable one.
  • Taking proper medical care: The more alert and cautious you will be in controlling COPD, the lesser will be the requirement for you to use the inhaler, saving you from worrying about having to purchase it every now and then. The ultimate aim of this option is to prevent the need for expensive emergency measures.
  • Avoid turning the disease severe: Prevention is always less expensive than opting for emergency medications, inhalers, especially when it’s expensive. It’ll be a smart idea to avoid doing or coming into contact with anything that may trigger COPD exacerbation, such as, smoking or exposure to pollen, molds, and dust, etc.
  • Generic medications: Offering the same therapeutic effects on a disease, opting for generic medications can be another great way of keeping the cost of your inhalers for COPD in check.

Though COPD treatment can be expensive, there is no other choice. But what you can do about preventing your pocket from incurring the possible tolls of COPD treatment is that you can opt for the purchase of COPD inhalers smartly, as mentioned above to handle the situation. Further, follow the advice of your physician to manage the condition effectively and lead a happy Tand healthy life even with the COPD.