The Various Types and Benefits of Lift Chairs

The Various Types and Benefits of Lift Chairs

Lift chairs help you to be in a standing position by their automated power-lifting feature. They come in the category of durable equipment in the medical sector and are used to assist users who have difficulties in mobility. There are different cases wherein the lift chairs are covered in medical insurance like in the case of it being a necessity for your health condition. In the high case of arthritis, lift chairs are usually covered by the medical insurance. There are different types and benefits of a lift chair, and they are as follows:

Types of lift chairs

2-position lift chair

The 2-position lift chairs are usually known as the lazy boy chairs, wherein the chair extends in a stretched-out position and there is a comfortable gap between the seat and ottoman.

3-position lift chair

The 3-position lift chairs extend comfort from the 2-position lift chair, where there is no gap between the seat and the ottoman. The chair stretches out further and one hand button controls the entire process. However, the chair can be adjusted in its mid recline, depending on your comfort.

Infinite position lift chair

Infinite position lift chairs are completely padded, where the back can fall on the floor and the feet move to the bottom gravity position. The body is in its most relaxed ā€˜Sā€™ position, and this has no gaps at all.

Trendelenburg positioning

This gives a completely slanting position to the body that has a positive effect on the blood circulation. It is a slant position, where the head is lower than the legs and below the heart. This is usually recommended by the doctors for senior citizens.

Benefits of having a lift chair

Lift chairs support your mobility and provide comfort to those having difficulties in moving or sitting. It helps to transform your mobility, making it easy for you to move. They also have therapeutic effects as they come with heat and massage features, relieving those suffering from back and joint pain. Other than medical assistance, lift chairs can provide comfort to you by helping you settle in your favorite television viewing or reading position.

There are different coverings for various types of lift chairs. Since fabrics fade away soon, it is necessary to use the right coverings so as to make your chair look clean and stable. Lift chairs are also known as lazy boy chairs as you generally prefer to sit or sleep on them. It thus becomes important to use a material that covers the stains of your food and drinks. In such cases, leather can help, but that will be a costly affair. Also, the smell of leather is not healthy to breathe for a long period of time and you usually settle on the chair for long. In that case, synthetic is a good choice to relax and breathe on for a long duration. In most of the cases, it becomes best to ask your doctor about the right material to use for a lift chair covering. Since the lift chair has many benefits and types fulfilling your various needs, the coverings just are not a matter of appearance or furniture but is a matter of concern. Other than the above, one of the other major factors while selecting the lift chair is its size and delivery. It is important for you to know your door width so that it becomes easy to fit the chair in your house. You must be aware of the whole delivering process, the accessories and the uncrating of the box.

Keeping in mind the benefits, types, delivery, and needs, it becomes important for you to make the right choice of lift chair. A wrong decision can have harmful effects on your back and bone health. Double checking your type from the doctor can benefit you and this also ensures that your budget for the lift chair is used wisely.