Ways to prevent toothache

Ways to prevent toothache

Dental care and hygiene should be given equal importance as any other health care people take up. A good set of teeth that are also healthy help you eat well and eat anything. Your teeth tend to lose their health as you age giving you lot of dental problems in old age.

Before preventing, you must know certain things about your teeth and dental hygiene to be able to prevent your teeth from any problem.

Teeth are protected by a hard, outer coating called enamel. Enamel covers your teeth and protects them from external harm. Though every day, a thin layer of plaque forms on your teeth which produces acids that can harm enamel and cause cavities. Brushing helps your teeth to remove plaque every day but if and once cavity is already formed, brushing cannot remove that set of cavity. A dental help is required then.

Almost everybody goes through dental problem at least once in their lifetime. There are people who almost never have to visit the dentist for dental cure as they are extra careful about their dental health. You can be one of those people who doesn’t have to visit the dentist for cures but must visit a dentist for regular check-ups.

To prevent your teeth from needing a dental cure, you must first and foremost brush twice every day for at least two minutes. According to a survey and studies, people brush only for 40 seconds on an average. This should be avoided at all cost. Brushing your teeth for two-minutes is essential and helps get rid of plaque from between two teeth.

Though almost every dentist tells you to floss once daily, you must not floss unless your teeth need to be flossed. Not every set of teeth requires flossing. Teeth that are naturally and nicely intact with no spacing in between them, usually do not require flossing and in fact can get unnecessary space between each tooth because of flossing. Hence, an expert opinion on flossing is essential here.

Cleaning of the tongue is important too. Food residues are also stuck on the outer layer of your tongue and can cause bad breath.

To keep healthy teeth, always avoid energy and soft drinks and chewing gums. Opening a bottle with your teeth instead of an opening can cause some serious damage to your teeth. Brushing roughly also causes your gums to weaken. Smoking must be avoided at all if good dental health is what you want.

When essential care is taken for your mouth and teeth, you will prevent your chances of requiring a dentist or getting any toothache caused by gums problems, tooth decay/cavity or oral cancer.