Three ways to get rid of phlegm: Home remedies

Three ways to get rid of phlegm: Home remedies

Our mucous membranes secrete a thick liquid substance called phlegm. It is generated to support our respiratory system. The phlegm-secreting membranes are present in the mouth, nose, throat, sinuses and lungs.

Excessive phlegm may cause coughing. We mostly become aware of its presence at the back of the throat when we have a cold or flu.

What causes phlegm?
Here are some of the most common causes of phlegm:

Excessive mucus accumulation
Phlegm might build up overnight due to excessive mucus accumulation in the throat or the nose. Throat irritation and coughing are common symptoms. It might also lead to congestion.

Cold, flu and allergies
Clear, thin mucus is produced in the nose and the throat when you catch a cold. This mucus starts to turn yellow or green when the body reacts with the virus. You might also develop phlegm if you have seasonal allergies. You must get yourself checked if you experience symptoms like coughing, itchy eyes or sneezing.

Dairy Products
If you’re prone to phlegm and developing excessive throat mucus, you should avoid consuming dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt. Milk items contain protein molecules called casein. Casein increases mucus secretions. You should also avoid drinking excessive caffeine beverages and non-herbal teas as well.

Effective home remedies for treating phlegm
If phlegm is causing you irritation or making you uncomfortable, you should take steps to remove it.

Here are three effective natural ways to get rid of phlegm:

Stay Well-Hydrated
You might be getting this advice often for a lot of ailments. As clich as it sounds, it is indeed effective! Water helps in thinning the mucus and relieving congestion. You should have warm fluids at frequent intervals to get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms of phlegm.

Try drinking warm apple juice and having warm soups or broths. Lemon water keeps you hydrated as well. The warm fluids can relieve congestion caused by phlegm by helping the mucus flow.

Follow a diet that is good for your respiratory health
You should consume a diet containing ingredients such as ginger, garlic, and lemon. These ingredients have medicinal values. They help relieve the symptoms of phlegm by curing excess mucus and treating colds and coughs.

Spicy foods such as cayenne and chilli peppers contain capsaicin. Including these in your diet helps in thinning the mucus. Eat berries, licorice roots, pomegranates and oral zinc and drink guava tea.

Humidify and moisturize the air: Have a sauna bath
Steam is known to treat congestion caused by phlegm. This is also one of the most effective ways to get rid of phlegm. Let the bath water run till it begins to steam. But be careful not to burn yourself. Have a steam bath with the shower head pointed away from you. You may also lean over a bowl of steaming water. Trap the steam by placing a hand towel over the head. Be careful not to scald your skin.

You may consider buying a humidifier from the drug store. If you live in a warm climate, choose a cool mist humidifier.

These are some easy home remedies for treating phlegm. If symptoms persist despite these natural remedies, you must consult your doctor and take medicines.