Tension headache treatment using home remedies

Tension headache treatment using home remedies

Today, most people live a hectic lifestyle and this can take a major toll on one’s health and well-being. One of the most common conditions experienced by millennials and others include tension headaches. This headache is characterized by a tense feeling in the head which goes on to transcend in the form of pulsating ache in the neck and around the eyes. While some experience mild pain, others may suffer from excruciating throbbing.

A tension headache is believed to be triggered by several factors that include excess caffeine, alcohol consumption, sinus infection, sweetened foods, etc. All these factors trigger functions that lead to the muscles in the head to contract, thus causing pain or ache.

Here are a few tension headaches treatments that can be practiced at home and bring about excellent relief:

Nuts – Almonds pack several beneficial nutrients and can aid in fighting tension headaches. While popping pills may be an easy alternative during headache attacks, eating almonds is a natural remedy. It contains an element called salicin that acts as a pain relieving agent. Consuming almonds daily or at the onset of a headache will kill the pain.

Fish oil – Fish like tuna and salmon contain high levels of omega 3-fatty acids. These fatty acids are believed to not only promote good health but also act as a tension headache treatment. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the pain over time. Fish can be made a part of the diet or the oil can be consumed in the form of supplements that should be taken after a doctor’s prescription.

Ginger – Ginger is a root that brings instant headache relief. It effectively eases the pain by reducing inflammation of the blood vessels in the head. Ginger can be consumed through the diet, however, inducing juice into tea will have better effects. Drinking ginger tea two times a day is an excellent tension headache treatment.

Lavender oil – Lavender oil has a beautiful soothing fragrance that works exceptionally in tension headache treatment. Simply inhaling the smell of lavender can alleviate the pain make one feel good. A few drops of lavender oil should be added to boiling water and inhaled. One can also make a mixture of olive oil and lavender oil and used for a massage therapy.

In case, the above tension headache treatments do not improve the condition, it is essential to visit the doctor. There may be a possibility that the headaches are caused by a more severe problem. One may be required to undergo a CT scan or X-ray to rule out such a possibility.