Small yet effective dietary changes for weight loss

Small yet effective dietary changes for weight loss

Weight loss is an objective that several people profess. In their efforts to achieve quick results, some people bring sudden, drastic changes in their dietary routine “ things that can create problems. On the other hand, those who take baby steps end up achieving not only quick, but lasting weight loss. Here are some small and effective dietary changes that you can also consider for shedding some pounds.

Avoid sugary drinks and sodas
Sugary drinks are one of the major contributors to obesity. After consuming sugary beverages, you do not feel full, as you would feel post intake of the same amount of calories from solid food. Also, it isn’t exactly easy to compensate the high caloric intake by eating less food after you have consumed a sugary beverage.
If you think only soft drinks are bad and the packed fruit juice options are good, you need to rethink. Fruit juices on the market come with added sugar and calories, making them no less harmful than soft drinks. Therefore, restrict your packed fruit juice intake and go for freshly extracted fruit juice. Additionally, avoid regular soda, diet sodas, and high-calorie coffee drinks, as they tend to trigger sweet cravings.

Have mustard seeds
There is some evidence connecting hot and spicy food with the body’s better metabolism. You can try consuming spicy and whole grain mustards, which are more likely to boost a body’s fat burning process. You can easily find spicy mustard at any grocery store; try to pick a Mexican or Asian variety as these are spicier that the American spicy mustard variety. To ramp up your metabolism and to curb appetite, you can drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of hot spicy powdered mustard mixed just before dinner. Besides having the ability to boost metabolism, mustard seeds are a rich source of omega-3 and antioxidants.

Choose Greek yogurt
Everyone considers yogurt to be a healthy snack, but not all yogurts are healthy from a weight loss point of view. Many yogurt types come with added sugar, which certainly isn’t good for individuals trying to lose weight. On the other hand, Greek-style yogurt is a healthy choice, as it has more protein and very little sugar. It can provide a number of weight loss benefits such as better hunger control, increased calorie burning capacity and preservation of muscle mass.

Eat protein with every meal
Rather than having loads of protein at one go, try having some of it with every meal. Protein with every meal helps keep hunger pangs away, which is a major cause of overeating in human beings. Not only weight loss, but such a thoughtful protein intake also helps keep triglycerides and blood pressure low that eventually boosts our overall physiological health.