Signs of concussions for prevention

Signs of concussions for prevention

A concussion is a result of a sudden blow to your brain. Though usually it isn’t a serious type of injury, there are three grades of concussion and the third grade could indicate a serious brain injury and one must seek medical attention in the third grade.

You can identify the grades of concussions by noticing them:
Grade 1 concussion: In this grade, the concussions are mild and symptoms don’t last more than 15 minutes and the person does not lose consciousness.
Grade 2: This is a moderate grade where the symptom of concussions last more than 15 minutes but the person does not lose consciousness.
Grade 3: This is a severe grade where the person can lose consciousness. At times, unconsciousness could only last for few seconds.

If you or someone you know gets the third grade of concussion, see the doctor immediately. You may be asked to take some tests to find out what caused the 3rd grade concussion.

Concussion might appear to be a dangerous thing but its usually not. It’s very common and least dangerous. However, as discussed above, it could be dangerous under some circumstances. In all cases, one must keep an eye on these bodily irregularities to be careful about one’s health. Coming to concussions, it will be easier for someone to know the signs of a concussion in order to diagnose it and work towards its prevention and if needed, treatment.

Signs of concussions are not that easily traceable. You cannot see a concussion and they don’t usually appear right after a head injury. A concussion can occur couple of days after the injury as well. However, here are some common signs of a concussion that you should keep an eyes out for:
– Dazed and confused feeling
– Clumsiness
– Nausea and vomiting
– Disoriented speech
– Blurred vision
– Noise and vision sensitivity
– Noise or ringing in ears
– Sudden behavior personality changes
– Lack of concentration
– Loss of memory
– Confusion

It isn’t difficult to deal with a concussion. Even though it is related to head related problem and injury, it is still not as complex to deal with as a heart related problem. You can seek medical attention when you first experience a concussion.

Despite knowing all the signs of a concussion, it is not possible to prevent it from happening; however, you can take necessary steps to prevent the repercussions. For example, avoid driving or riding if you feel the signs of a concussion. If you are sitting on a bike or against the wheel, make sure you have the helmet and the safety belt on. You must also remain calm if you start feeling the symptoms, as you should remember that it will not last long and you will be fine after a while.