Power foods that can act as immune boosters

Power foods that can act as immune boosters

The immune system works as a superpower, keeping you protected from diseases or illnesses that can meddle with the well-being of your body. And if you ever wondered why you did not catch a cold after your co-worker sneezed around you? The answer is the immune system. It gives you immunity to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria that are present in the environment.

An age-old belief, strengthen your immune system, and the immune system will take care of you. An immune booster enhances this system and thus, feeding it the right fodder is essential. Here are seven immunity-building foods that should be a part of your daily diet:

Garlin – Garlic is one of the most widely used wonder-food. Not just adding flavor to your food, this ingredient contains allicin that is beneficial in fighting off bacteria and infection. Garlic can be chewed or consumed in the form of garlic extract. The immunity booster is also found to lower the risk of contracting colorectal and stomach cancer.

Sweet potatoes – Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, a component that is converted into Vitamin A by the body. Vitamin A plays a pivotal role in the production of an essential element of the skin, that is the connective tissues. Your skin works as a bar against external bacteria and viruses. Thus, the Vitamin A in sweet potatoes boosts the immune of the skin.

Mushrooms – Mushroom has been considered to be a very healthy immune booster for centuries. This tasty food grown in the ground increases the production of white blood cells. The regulated activity of the cells keeps away infection and the growth of bacteria. Mushrooms should be consumed in a healthy proportion, at least during one meal a day. However, people who are allergic to this food should stay away.

Beef – The presence of zinc in your body is necessary, and several people have a deficiency of this nutrition. Just like mushrooms, incorporating zinc in your diet is necessary for the development of white blood cells. These cells destroy the growth of bacteria and viruses. Beef is a great source of this immunity-building mineral, and a lean serving of this meat should be made a part of the diet.

Chicken broth – Who doesn’t love chicken broth? And what’s better than having this food as an immunity booster. Chicken releases amino acid cysteine during cooking, this acid builds the power of the immunity system and keeps away colds and flu.

Consume the above foods regularly to keep your immune system strong and ready to fight any virus. Now, you can cut-down on your sick-days and be a regular at work.