Popular treatment to manage double vision

Popular treatment to manage double vision

Causes of double vision and type of diplopia are two important factors that affect the treatment for double vision. While for people with monocular diplopia, wearing an eye patch may serve as the best treatment for double vision, people with a severe condition may have to resort to eye surgeries.

The first step in the treatment for double vision includes identifying the exact causes of double vision and targeting the underlying causes first. If double vision is caused by a squint, doctors may recommend eyelid surgeries or Botox injections. People whose causes of double vision includes cataract may be required to undergo a cataract surgery to manage the condition. Similarly, people with the tendency of dry eyes may have to seek dry eye treatment for double vision.

Often diseases like diabetes, weak muscles, and other issues may be the main causes of double vision. In each of these cases, the condition can be corrected with medications. Often, people with incurable diplopia may seek treatment for double vision to manage and live with the condition. People with monocular diplopia often are prescribed prism glasses, and eye patches to align two images into one. Other possible treatments for double vision have been listed below.

Try corrective glasses
Wearing prescribed glasses for double vision may also help treat and manage the issue. This usually works well if the causes of double vision include astigmatism.

Eye exercises may help some
Since one of the main causes of double vision includes weak nerves, eye muscles, and the like, many doctors recommend special eye exercises to strengthen weak muscles.

Prism glasses
Updating prescription glasses by fixing prisms on the glasses can help you manage the condition. These prism lenses can be worn for several months to adjust the vision.

Opaque intraocular lens
Opaque contact lens in an eye may help correct diplopia. This is a surgical process that can be used when other treatments become unsuccessful. This treatment for double vision is for people with binocular diplopia.

Botulinum toxin injections into the eye muscles can help too. These helps control the movement of the eyes and blocks chemical signals from being sent to the brain. The weak muscles get relaxed and other muscles come into play and help straighten the eye.

Surgery of the eye muscles is the next best treatment for double vision depending on specific cases, type of double vision, success rates, and the like. Adjustable stitches may help position the eyes in a way that double vision may get corrected.